18 Apr: No One KNOWS

"The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax."
 –Albert Einstein

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Welcome to Thursday Folks! Bitcoin is trading at $61,712 which is down from $62,973 yesterday and down from $70,484 a week ago. 


Today, Bitcoin slipped below $60K and some traders weren't turning bearish on BTC just yet as Bitcoin market is deleveraging and Bitcoin’s supply on exchanges could run out in nine months, with $BTC set to become twice as rare as Gold. Bitcoin 'needs to clear' $57K liquidity for post-halving rally. Bitcoin likely to drop after the halving according to JPMorgan.

More people are Googling the Bitcoin Halving than ever before and Bitcoin’s most promising, least dramatic halving is almost here. Bitcoin bull Pompliano says BTC will be bigger than gold and ‘the leader in the recovery.' Institutions and ‘Smart Money’ to influence price action during upcoming BTC halving, according to Glassnode. BlackRock was tipped off about high inflation, uses Bitcoin to hedge.

New release of Bitcoin Core, software client for BTC node, includes number of performance, networking and P2P changes.

Solana network ‘nowhere near where we expect it to be’ — Solana Foundation exec. Austin Federa, head of strategy at the Solana Foundation, addresses concerns around the latest network outages in an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph.



Podcasts of the Day: #1344 Greg Beard | Bitcoin Miner DESTROYS Bitcoin Halving Myth | TPP


A month ago, BlackRock launched a digital fund with $100 million on Ethereum, hinting at Real-World Assets (RWA) focus(3) and J-Pow decided to leave rates unchanged and that apparently sparked a rally which has since cooled off this morning.

A few weeks ago, KuCoin got charged for "multibillion-dollar criminal conspiracy"(8) and the overwhelming demand for Bitcoin spot ETFs over the past two months is likely to continue for many years, predicts Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan; Inflows could eclipse $1T.(6) 

A couple weeks ago, Bitcoin dropped to $64.5K and data reveals strong confidence and potential buying opportunities amid Bitcoin dip as the 2024 halving could usher in a new era for Bitcoin and Ripple is going to launch a Stablecoin on Ethereum.(7) 

Last week, The CEO of investment management firm VanEck says spot Bitcoin ETFs have mainly attracted capital inflows from retail investors in the four months since their launch. Grayscale GBTC records lowest daily net outflow as BTC price rises.(4)

Yesterday, Goldman Sachs cautions it's clients against extrapolating previous Bitcoin halving cycles for price predictions.(2)

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