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16 Feb: Bitcoin Melts Up!

"It is easy to sit up and take notice, What is difficult is getting up and taking action."
 –Honore de Balzac

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Welcome to Thursday Folks! Bitcoin continues to melt up and the bears continue to get wrecked with $200M in losses. Will this continue? It's anyone's guess just keep stacking sats and BTFD because it appears we will end the year far higher than lower. Let's get to the news...

Trending News Topics:

  • Bitcoin price surges toward $25K
  • Legislators and Regulators are fighting Crypto
  • Wyoming gets it right with private keys


Market demand pushes trading volumes on DEX Level Finance to over $1B.


Bitcoin price surges to $25K and 6-month high, dips turn attractive in medium-term; bull trap awaits?(9) Bitcoin breaks above $25,000 for the first time in eight months.(6) Bitcoin single-day price surge linked to billions in USDC inflows. Short trades make up 90% of $200M in losses as Bitcoin, Ether surge.(3) 'Bitcoin Is the Best Brand in Crypto': Why DeGods NFTs Are Now on Bitcoin. Mt. Gox’s 2 Largest Creditors Pick Payout Option That Won’t Force Bitcoin Selloff.

Bitcoin miner Iris Energy posts $144 million net loss. Startup sustainable Bitcoin protocol completes first transaction of clean mining tokens. CleanSpark buys 20,000 miners from Bitmain, bringing bear market tally to 46,500.(2)

Ethereum supply deflation hits new record as staking withdrawal update draws near. Can Ethereum reclaim $2,000 before March’s Shanghai upgrade? Ethereum price prints 'death cross' after losing 13% versus Bitcoin from 2023 peak. Ethereum Price Could Reach $1,800 Before The Rally Burns Out.

Galaxy Digital CEO Michael Novogratz ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if Bitcoin hit $30K this quarter.(2) Trust Machines CEO Dr. Muneeb Ali: ‘Ordinals is a trojan horse that can take Bitcoin to a billion people.’

Tether market cap nears $70B as SEC crypto crackdown hurts stablecoin rivals Data Shows Stablecoin War Heating Up Amid Regulatory Crackdown. Former Paxos Exec Jesse Austin Campbell: Regulators Failed to Address Crypto Collapses, Now They’re Going After 'On-Ramps.'

Cardano records highest returns in 18 months as its DeFi sector grows. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson says contingent staking critics don’t ‘understand a basic concept.’ Cardano sees huge spike in whale activity as $ADA consolidates: Analytics Firm Santiment. Cardano is unlikely to be considered a security, says Crypto Capital Venture Founder Dan Gambardello.(2) Cardano Wallets Set to Seamlessly Integrate with Ethereum Smart Contracts. Polygon price reaches new yearly high, but top could be close. Polygon Whales continue accumulation, add 55M $MATIC. Polygon Growth Plans Will Take The Following Path.

Binance Bracing Itself for Fines From US Regulators to Settle ‘Past Conduct’: WSJ.(2) Binance CSO anticipates exchange paying ‘remediations’ to make amends with US regulators. Coinbase, Anchorage Digital say they'd be OK under SEC custody proposal, but risks may lurk for others. The SEC shook Kraken down for $30M, but it doesn't mean they had a case.


Crypto private key protection bill passes Wyoming legislature.(2) Operation Choke-Point 2.0: Federal government’s ploy to snuff Crypto ‘in full effect.’ Senator Elizabeth Warren launching Anti-Crypto army in Washington, says industry is for money laundering. SEC proposes tougher rules as part of its crypto custody crackdown.(2) Hester Peirce says SEC plan involves ‘substantial departure’ from status quo. US regulators may spell Armageddon for crypto, but they’re not wrong: Compound’s Leshner. BIS-funded regulator to probe DeFi entry points like stablecoins.


Investors sue Sequoia, Paradigm, and Thoma Bravo for promoting FTX legitimacy. Bankrupt Voyager sends 250 Billion Shiba Inu to Coinbase. Tornado Cash dev’s criminal case in Europe may hinge on laptop access. Judge Clears Celsius' Plan to Sell Bitmain Mining Coupons Worth Over $7M.(2) FTX’s Bahamas Unit Commingled Client, Corporate Funds, Liquidators Say.


Norwegian authorities seize $5.9M from Crypto game Axie Infinity hack.(2)

Well that is a wrap folks, if you'd like to be in the know throughout the day, join me on Wubits where I am constantly sharing my thoughts about the Crypto market and personal development type topics. It's a community where you can meet REAL people, make REAL connections, and have REAL conversations. Thanks again for reading, watching, and listening with me. Tornado Cash Developer to Stay in Jail as Dutch Trial Continues.



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