10 Jun: Week Recap

"Never deprive someone of hope; it might be all they have."
 –H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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Happy Saturday Folks! Last week we saw Bitcoin gain $720.28 and this week it lost a very small amount but it was a wild ride to get there. The best performing asset in the past 7 days was $BTC - down 5.58% and is in position #1 on Coinmarketcap.com. Last week the Fear and Greed Index was at 53 and today it's 49; June is off to a very rocky start and looking at the weekly it's not looking good? 

Most covered news this week was about Coinbase getting sued by the SEC; right along with Binance. The Podcast of the Week would have to go to The Wolf of All Streets talking with Sandy Kaul from Franklin Templeton on Monday. Thanks for reading, watching, and listening with me each and every week!

Monday the price of Bitcoin closed at $25,760.10 and the fear and greed index was 53. The most covered news of the day wasUS SEC sues BinanceCEO Zhao for breaking securities rules; Binance says it will 'defend our platform vigorously' from SEC lawsuit.(9)
Podcast of the Day: $1.3 Trillion Asset Manager Is Bullish On Bitcoin | Sandy Kaul, Franklin Templeton | TWOAS

Tuesday the price of Bitcoin closed at $27,238.78 and the fear and greed index was 44. The most covered news of the day was SEC sues Coinbase in NY federal court for offering unregistered securitiesstock drops 20%. Coinbase CEO responds to SEC suit, says team is ‘confidant’ in facts and law.(11)
Podcast of the Day: Bitcoin Educating for Progressives with Jason Maier | WBD

By Wednesday (Humpday) the price of Bitcoin closed at $26,346.00 and the fear and greed index was 53. The most covered news of the day was SEC suing Coinbase is gucci because Coinbase isn't backing down, they said "We'll get the job done" and Binance.US says user funds are SAFU amid the SEC attempting to freeze assets; there are some nuances between these two lawsuits.(4)
Podcast of the Day: 100M$ Fight for Crypto in D.C. with Ryan Selkis | Bankless

Right over the hump on Thursday the price of Bitcoin closed at $26,508.22 and the fear and greed index was 50. The most covered news of the day was Major Australian bank to decline ‘certain’ payments to crypto exchanges.(4) 
Podcast of the Day: WBD Live in Miami - Bitcoin Mining with Troy Cross and Harry Sudock | WBD

As the week came to a close on Friday the price of Bitcoin closed at $26,480.38 and the fear and greed index right about 50. The most covered news of the day was Binance.US to halt all fiat withdrawals ‘as early as June 13;’ will be Crypto only.(5)
Podcast of the Day: Major Bitcoin Custodian To Fall? | CZ Court Case | CryptoTownHall | TWOAS

Bottom line: As I type Bitcoin is trading at $25,677.31 and for the week (M-F) Bitcoin gained $720.28; Week over week it's down $82.79 - basically no movement once again. We continue to trade in a very tight range.

My belief continues to be that no matter what happens I will be okay. Which means, have enough at play to move the needle if the market pops, have some dry powder if it drops, and remain calm and move on if it goes sideways. Keep buying the dip, be smart, stay safe, stack sats, and HODL as "Matty Sats" would say!

Well that is a wrap folks, if you'd like to be in the know throughout the day, join me on Wubits where I am constantly sharing my thoughts about the Crypto market and personal development type topics. It's a community where you can meet REAL people, make REAL connections, and have REAL conversations. Thanks again for reading, watching, and listening with me.


Bitcoin price avoids 3-month lows as crypto dive liquidates $390M; however a strong sell signal has appeared. Ethereum leads Altcoin sell-offs as liquidations hit weekly high. Cardano crashes 23% in a day as total liquidations near $400 Million. Solana sees 86% monthly growth in active network addresses. US court rejects Fed’s motion to dismiss Custodia Bank case. DOJ unseals Mt. Gox charges against 2 Russian nationals. Kevin O’Leary doesn’t rule out criminal charges for Binance.

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