04 Mar: Weekend Recap

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Happy Saturday Folks! The markets started the week struggling and then Silvergate happened. Bitcoin kept trying to break $24K but each attempt failed and here we are. So many have been calling for a pull back toward $20K and below so now the question is, was this it? Is this the last pull back $BTC will see before blasting off to the moon or... I don't even wanna say. The best performing asset in the past 7 days is $XRP believe it or not - down only .42%; ranked #6 on Coinmarketcap.com. Most covered news this week was yesterday - the bank run on Silvergate and the Podcast of the Week was The Three Generations Theory read by Guy Swan on Wednesday. Let's review the week shall we?

Monday the price of Bitcoin closed at $23,522.87 and the fear and greed index was 50. The most covered news of the day was Pressure Mounts on Binance as Coinbase Suspends $BUSD Trading.(8)
Podcast of the Day: What are Bitcoin NFTs? | Bloomberg Crypto

Tuesday the price of Bitcoin closed at $23,147.35 and the fear and greed index was 53. The most covered news of the day was Visa and Mastercard halt new crypto partnerships(5) Visa's Crypto Strategy Remains Intact Despite Crypto Winter.(4)
Podcast of the Day: A Look Behind The Celsius Curtain | Bloomberg Crypto

By Wednesday (Humpday) the price of Bitcoin closed at $23,646.55 and the fear and greed index was 50. The most covered news of the day was Polygon Rolls Out Zero-Knowledge Privacy-Enhanced Identification Product.(5)
Podcast of the Day: Read_704 - The Three Generations Theory [Aleks Svetski] | Bitcoin Audible

Right over the hump on Thursday the price of Bitcoin closed at $23,475.47 and the fear and greed index was 51. The most covered news of the day was Coinbase Turns to Europe as It Loses Market Share and Switches to Signature Bank From Silvergate for Prime Customers; more jump ship.(6)
Podcast of the Day: The Future of Bitcoin Banking with Eric Yakes | What Bitcoin Did

As the week came to a close on Friday the price of Bitcoin closed at $22,362.68 and the fear and greed index right about 50. The most covered news of the day was Bitcoin, Ether Drop Over 5% in Massive Sell-Off as Market Continues to Digest Silvergate.(14)
Podcast of the Day: Read_705 - Bitcoin's Full Potential Valuation [Croesus] | Bitcoin Audible

Bottom line: As I type Bitcoin is trading at $22,351.61 and for the week (M-F) Bitcoin lost $1,160.19. So basically we've right back where we were two weeks ago; but let's not forget we started 2023 at $16,625.08 - so not too shabby. Keep buying those dips, be smart, stay safe, stack sats, and HODL as "Matty Sats" would say!

Well that is a wrap folks, if you'd like to be in the know throughout the day, join me on Wubits where I am constantly sharing my thoughts about the Crypto market and personal development type topics. It's a community where you can meet REAL people, make REAL connections, and have REAL conversations. Thanks again for reading, watching, and listening with me.


Monetary policy of cryptocurrencies, explained. Bitwise Asset Management Says Crypto Market Set for Largest Ever Bull Cycle. Bitcoin price faces ‘last stand’ as weekly close threatens $22K retest. Bitcoin price would retest $25K without Silvergate saga. Bitcoin’s inflation rate is now three times lower than U.S. dollar’s. Bitcoin Adoption To Grow 50% By 2025, This Report Claims.

Jack Dorsey’s TBD launches C= to improve Bitcoin Lightning Network. This Report Claims Bitcoin NFT Market Will Grow By 2025. Yuga Labs' Bitcoin NFT collection TwelveFold to be auctioned Sunday. Just 16% of Ethereum Stakers Are in Profit Ahead of Shanghai Upgrade. Ethereum In An ‘Obvious Accumulation Range Of All Time’ – Preparing For $5,000?

How Bitcoin Mining Is Adapting To The Energy Transition.

Circle Releases Crucial Update on USDC/Silvergate Issues. MicroStrategy Reassures Investors Of ‘Minimal Exposure’ To Silvergate. Silvergate short seller predicts crypto bank's demise within a week. Uphold Reaffirms Support for $XRP. $XRP Price Might Recover if This Is Done: XRPL Node Account. Cardano (ADA) Founder Dismisses Centralization Accusations. Litecoin New Update Not Sufficient To Keep Miners Going.

Binance recommends P2P as Ukraine suspends hryvnia use on crypto exchanges. Bybit halts deposits via USD bank transfer, citing partner 'service outages.'(2) Multicoin Capital’s Hedge Fund Lost 91.4% Last Year, Investor Letter Reveals. Tether Partners Used Fraudulent Documents to Give Company Access to Bank Accounts, Says Report.(2) CZ denounces rumor ‘widely’ spread on China’s WeChat.

The crypto industry has ‘already started’ moving outside US, says Ripple CEO. SEC Staff Say Binance.US Offers Unregistered Securities, Claims Lawyer.

Crypto lender Celsius converts almost 23,000 WBTC into bitcoin. US DoJ Restricts Sam Bankman-Fried’s Smartphone Use as Battle for Robinhood Shares Intensifies.(3) $XRP Lawsuit Sees Biggest Twist Yet As Recent Supreme Court Ruling Supports Ripple’s Fair Notice Defense.

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