Why EVERY music artist should create their OWN NFT?

NFTs are getting a lot of attention at the moment Think of an NFT like a first edition of a book signed by the author, a print of a painting signed by the artist, or a limited-edition vinyl record signed by all the members of the band. You can create a bunch of NFTs of a work, or only one — but whomever owns it can only transfer it, and never copy it, even if it only exists in a digital form, something which had heretofore been impossible to do. In the music world - an industry which has seen its value shredded by digitisation over the past 20 years - NFTs offer hope of a valuable new revenue stream. US rockers Kings of Leon raised more than $2 million by auctioning off NFT versions of their new album NFTs Are Changing the Music Industry Right Before Our Eyes By creating an NFT around music rights, they become not only verifiably ownable but also tradeable. Once the song is released, the demand for these rights may go up as the song grows in popularity. Maybe the NFT changes owners. Maybe it changes owners a hundred times. Artists are selling their music as NFTs – and they’re making millions The unique blockchain assets could be ushering in a revolution in fan to artist relationships. EVERY MUSIC ARTIST should have their OWN nft, but how can you actually create one? And what do you need exactly? Learn the process of creating your own NFT collection from start to finish! Tap into a Multi BILLION DOLLAR industry by Tokenizing Your Own your NFTs ➡Learn how tokenzie art music and more ➡Learn how to earn royalties forever ➡Learn How to create your own in game items ➡Learn how to create and customize your own virtual real estate NFT Creation Course https://eb4.co/NftCourse #nft #nfts #music #learn #create

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