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NFTs and Video Games

By Buzzbeeg | The Crypto Cave | 16 Mar 2023


Video Games and NFTs

I think NFTs have a great future in video games but there is resistance to Web3 technology. The resistance points are:

  • Fear that NFTs will worsen the trend of video game companies milking micropayments. 
  • Fear that crypto wallets will be difficult to use and the resistance to learning new technology. 
  • Fear of scams.

The answer to all three of these objections is creating an NFT use case for video games that solves a hair-on-fire problem. Something so important that even the most skeptical luddites will eventually give in and adopt it. I think turning video game items into NFTs for secondary markets is a great use case but I don't think it will bring in the Luddites. I think this use case is something that will experience adoption later. We need something more compelling. Here are a few ideas. If you are an NFT developer go ahead and run with them. But if you need help marketing these ideas let me know. I am currently looking for work and am an experienced crypto marketer.

Proof of Speed Run

Speed running is a serious video game sport. People set world records and stake their reputations on the ability to finish a game in a certain time. But some people cheat and some people are jealous and give out false accusations of cheating. Either way, we need to fix this problem. An oracle system that can verify the validity of a speed run that mints an NFT as proof at the end would be a fantastic solution for the speed running community. Would it bring in the immediate mass adoption of NFTs? No. But it would make a segment of hardcore gamers open to using them for other purposes.

Ownership of Created Content

I think of games like Mario Maker and all of the work people put into creating levels... for free! It's fun to make Mario levels and Nintendo makes it easy but if a level creator gets famous most likely he will get a headache from Youtube comments and just give up. There needs to be a financial incentive for people to create new levels, mods, and characters. Think about how powerful mods can be to make a video game better. We need to make it easier for mod creators to make money. Using NFTs could be an easy way for mod creators to permanently sell their creations or rent them out. This too could bring in the mass adoption of NFTs.

Any other NFT ideas? Comment below.

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