Blast! My Favorite Crypto Speculation

By Buzzbeeg | The Crypto Cave | 9 Jan 2024


The Next Great Layer 2 Protocol!

I am very excited about Blast and think it may become a preeminent Layer 2 solution for Ethereum. Why?

  • It's an optimistic rollup network that will provide lower fees for Ethereum users.
  • Launched by Pacman the creator of Blur the biggest competitor of Opensea. This could become the layer 2 solution for NFT trades in the future.
  • The biggest claim to fame for this protocol is that it will provide automatic yield for those using it. Receive 4% ROI in ETH and 5% in Stablecoins. Why use a layer 2 competitor when you automatically make yield just by putting it in rollup?
  • Blast fees will go 100% back to developers which will fund the continual development of Blast. This means we should see continual improvement of this new protocol.

Most of all there is a sweet airdrop coming to those who stake their $ETH and Stablecoins now. Because of the airdrop, the big money backing Blast, and the returns Blast already has 1 billion TVL (Total Value Locked). This is already a large pool of users and ETH staked into Blast. I think they have a great chance of becoming the next Optimism.

Is it perfect? Nope.

There are things I don't like about Blast and I think I should warn everyone about them.

  • Once you stake your $ETH you can't get it back until February.
  • The founder is a Twitter pseudonym but did launch Blast.
  • It's a bridge so there are always security concerns.
  • Will the yield be enough to differentiate it from other competitors like Optimism? 

There's plenty that can go wrong. But I put a little bit of $ETH into it. Why not get that yield and the airdrop?

What do you think?


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