Achieving Success in Cryptocurrency

By Buzzbeeg | The Crypto Cave | 21 Mar 2023

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Victory in crypto is hard to achieve... especially in a bear market. But there are ways to experience victory in all situations with the adoption of sound principles.

  • Earn Crypto. There are many ways to earn tokens and every crypto enthusiast should take advantage of them. Sites like Coinbase have classes where once you complete them you earn coins. Everyone should take advantage of this. This is a no-brainer. Get education and coins!
  • Proof of Stake Crypto. There are many ways to earn passive income with crypto and proof of stake is my favorite. Projects like Divi, Tezos, and Cardano are easy to do and give returns while you wait on the bear market to end.
  • HODL Long Term. This goes with proof of stake crypto. The longer you hold a coin the more returns you get and the more likely it is to moon over time. If you don't believe in a project's long-term viability you should hesitate to buy it. 
  • Learn Technical Analysis. Some people are professional day traders and you don't have to convince them of the importance of TA. But long term holders like me could use it too. Just a little bit will help you time the market and sell or buy at a better price. 
  • Continue Your Crypto Education. Continual education in the crypto space is essential for success. 🔥 Subscribe to our free newsletter! 🔥 for one new source of crypto information. You should also check out my Podcast to listen to some great interviews. 
  • Dollar cost average. Knowing how to time the market is great but dollar cost averaging is a great strategy. Buy a little bit of crypto on a regular basis and you shall get the average price of crypto for the year.

Any other strategies you use? Comment below!

This post is provided for entertainment purposes only. I am not giving you financial advice and you should expect no financial returns one way or another based on my statements. These points hold equally for any statements that could be attributed to The Art of The Bubble or any related business entities. If you decide to buy or invest in anything, then your returns and potential losses are your own. No statements about taxation are taxable advice and you are encouraged to consult your own tax professional. No statements are legal advice and you are encouraged to consult your own legal professional. You are also encouraged to do your own due diligence before investing in anything.

Finally, I do actively invest, so you should assume that anything I discuss I may also be trading or investing in. I can’t say for certain, since my trades are often quick, but just assume such to be safe about conflicts of interest.

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