A Crypto I Can Earn While I Sleep

By Buzzbeeg | The Crypto Cave | 15 Aug 2020

There are plenty of cryptocurrency projects with residual income opportunities. One of my favorites is the Divi Project!


Divi Project uses both Proof of Stake and Masternodes to both run it's blockchain and rewards the supporters. Proof of stake means that Divi is mined based on “staking” instead of work. This both makes Divi more environmentally friendly and opens up residual income opportunity for average people. The masternodes also must be “staked” and they help run the staking system and provide additional features to Divi.

Both staking and masternodes provide residual income and will make Divi currency while you sleep. Divi is not the only Proof of Stake system that provides residual income there are others like: Tezos and Dash. Divi just happens to be my favorite.

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I work for several Cryptocurrency projects including Silica neXus and Divi Project. I also write on Quora and share many of the same posts that I share here.

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