IBM and The Blockchain Technology

IBM and The Blockchain Technology

By BlessedBoy | The Crypto Blog | 30 Nov 2019

We all know that Blockchain technology is radically changing our lives. However, it is sometimes difficult to understand the reason for this, since the concrete utility of blockchains does not always come into view. Therefore, it is important to highlight innovative ideas such as the one developed by IBM using Blockchain technology.

The crypto blockchain revolution

The crypto revolution is a reality that nobody can escape. Blockchains are radically changing the way we do things in our societies. Creating opportunities never seen before for companies, governments, organizations and of course, individuals.

Thus, we see how sectors as different from each other as medicine, education, agriculture, and government benefit from the blockchain. Making more transparent and efficient processes that until now required an extraordinary effort.

And within this process, of course, cryptocurrencies have played a very important role - Helping to popularize the existence of Blockchain technology, public interest, and private organizations in its development. In addition to serving as a means to implement solutions in blockchains, such as IBM.

However, the Blockchain does not end in cryptocurrencies. There are many other capabilities that this technology provides and that can be exploited. From accounting functions for companies to monitoring and tracking in supply chains.

The IBM patent

And a clear example of the multiple options that blockchains offer for technological development is the latest IBM patent. It tries to take advantage of the Blockchain, to improve the service of distribution of packages.

This patent, obtained by the computing giant on November 12, "would prevent the anonymous theft of packages by droids." Since, the use of droids by individuals opens the doors to the use of this equipment for the theft of goods owned by others after delivery.

The confluence of the increase in the use of drones and the increase in online purchases provides a situation in which a drone can be used with the dire intention of anonymously taking a package that is left at the door after the delivery". It can be read in the IBM patent.

The solution provided by the company is the use of a sensor, driven by the Internet of things. It would send an alert if the package exceeds a maximum height once it is left on the ground - Sending a signal to the Blockchain and the receiver of the package, about the status of the same.

This invention of IBM would be the perfect example of the way in which the Blockchain can be integrated into daily life. Even if it does not come to fruition as a commercially viable product.

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