Binance CEO, CZ recommends 10 books for the holidays

Binance CEO, CZ recommends 10 books for the holidays

By BlessedBoy | The Crypto Blog | 1 Dec 2019

As expected, the end of the year is approaching, which means that soon, there will be vacations for everyone, even for traders, investors, or Binance workers. That is why the Binance CEO wanted to offer a list of interesting books to be read during the holiday seasons.

This is because, even the busiest people should have time to devote themselves to reading; with the aim of expanding their knowledge.

Binance CEO recommended 10 books for this Christmas holiday

Changpeng Zhao is a business executive who has a lot of knowledge to offer. That is why, in order to contribute some of his knowledge to the world, he decided to talk about a list of books he wants to read and has read.

The Binance CEO enjoys books in his spare time, he even mentioned that, during long hours of work, audiobooks are placed in his headphones, so that he can absorb knowledge while doing work activities. That is why, he took the liberty of indicating several of the writings that are in his reading list, among them you can find:


Blitzscaling by Reid Hoffman

This is a book that mentions how to achieve success with an escalation that takes advantage of difficult seasons. It was written by the founder of LinkedIn, also known as Reid Hoffman.

In this book, the CEO of Binance CZ, mentions how the scale and growth of a small and large company can be analyzed through the book. In addition, he also indicated that the writing has very up-to-date information, even in one section the cryptocurrencies were discussed; According to his statements, this document has been very useful for the good development and performance of the organization.

Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore

On the other hand, the book of Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore, served Binance a lot; according to CEO CZ. Since, thanks to the writings found in the book, Changpeng Zhao has managed to refine the strategy used to deliver a message to the public.

In addition, he also mentioned that, due to the great competition that currently exists, getting a group of people to take an organization into account can be complicated. That is why CZ believes that the book can serve to reach a more concrete message about what is really offered to the public.

Team topologies by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais

This is a book that is focused on talking about team strategies, either: how to work as a team, how to improve as a leader, among other aspects. The Binance CEO mentioned that this writing has been very helpful in his career as CEO. Because it provides a lot of advice that can be applied in the work area.

In addition, the book also offers advice on how to improve in different areas, whether in business or technology organizations. That is why Binance CEO considers it a great book since it offers a series of tips that serve to start a career or improve as the main figure of a project.

The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni 

On the other hand, you can find a book written by Patrick Lencioni, better known as The Advantage, in Spanish called: La Ventaja. The Binance CEO mentions this book as he talks about the internal health of an organization; which is very important since it can offer a great competitive advantage in the work area.

He also adds that the book seems magnificent and there is no better statement than the one made in the writing when talking about the health of a company. Since, the better the internal and external behavior of a company, the better its result in the market.

The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups by Daniel Coyle

This is one of the successes of author Daniel Coyle, mostly known for his self-improvement books, which have reached the hands of the Binance CEO. However, the CEO emphasizes that, in the writing of The Culture Code, he managed to learn that, by building a better culture, there will be a better working environment.

This is one of the main reasons why CZ wants to constantly improve his ecosystem; in order to offer a better service to all members, as well as to the workers who are part of Binance. In addition, he also added that there are a lot of lessons that he learned from that book.


Work Rules! by Laszlo Bock

This is a book that talks about various aspects that were taken into account by Binance. Since there are important lessons that must be learned and found here; CZ mentioned.

In addition, he also indicated that the book talk about many ideas of work, which maintains a certain relationship with Google. That is why, Binance CEO read this book since it would clearly be very useful.

Sapiens: a brief history of humanity by Yuval Noah Harari

Although this book was mentioned by CZ, there is not much to talk about. Since he simply added a comment in which he indicates that he is inspired by this type of writing as well. Because, more than financial books, he is also interested in knowing why humans act in a specific way.

Sapiens, is a book written and created by Yuval Noah Harari; who was not previously known, is currently a great writer of the 21st century. However, one of his successes was this great book, in which he speaks briefly about the history of humanity and the development of human thought.

Frédéric Bastiat's The Law

The Binance CEO sees this writing in a more personal way; According to his comments. Despite the few pages he has, Changpeng Zhao mentioned that the book is tied to his personal philosophy and part of his way of thinking.

The book was written by Frédéric Bastiat in 1848 after the French Revolution, however, months later he died of tuberculosis; The original name is La Loi, although it can also be found as The Law.

Economics in a lesson by Henry Hazlitt

This is a book that aims to offer an introduction to economics for those individuals who have little or no knowledge of the subject. Despite being fairly simple writing, the Binance CEO thinks there is no better way to explain this science.

Changpeng Zhao added that, despite its release more than 60 years past, this great book includes a perfect explanation about the economy. Therefore, he suggests that if, you want to have a basic knowledge about the economy you can start with this writing.

Fallen Dragon by Peter Hamilton

In addition to the number of economics books mentioned by the Binance CEO, he also clarified that he is attracted to science fiction; That is why he has read books by Peter Hamilton. In this writing, a story is told about someone who sought a treasure and found a great adventure, in which many dragons and mysteries were found.

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