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I consider myself a creative person... yet I often find myself completely unable to be creative. This is the existential problem with the human mind - it's so full of contradictions that it's sometimes hard to even make sense of ourselves. But then again, making sense of ourselves is the key to understanding the human condition, connecting with our audience as an artist/creator, and also to understanding life, the universe, and everything*. Thinking about these logical knots can make one's head spin... a feeling not unlike being under the influence of elicit substances...

On that note, my drug of choice is film. I make movies with my friends. Sometimes I even get paid for it. Other times I give up halfway through a project because it turns out to be a waste of time for any number of reasons. But even a "waste of time" can be useful as a learning tool, a jumping off point, or a cautionary tale (more on this later, much more).

I also dabble in music, drawing, photography, and I plan to get into painting at some point. Maybe writing. Game design? Absolutely... some day. The one thing that I'm sure of is that I want to create, and I want to overcome the obstacles to being a creative person. What obstacles? I'm glad you asked. I'm sure I'll rant about all of my personal obstacles in future posts. Maybe I'll even scrabble up and over some of them. Either way, you can read about all of the gory details concerning my personal creative roadblocks. Maybe you have your own roadblocks and you want to find interesting ways to get past them? I promise that I will not suggest "do drugs". That's not a good idea... (even if it works for some people). That being said, feel free to do drugs anyway. It's a free country/world/universe. Just don't do anything illegal, especially not on my account.

The real reason for this blog is selfish. Not entirely selfish, (I promise!) but certainly it's mostly selfish. As I mentioned before, I want to overcome my personal creative hurdles. Hopefully, I will be able to leap over one after another in rapid succession and anyone who cares to read this blog will be able to follow along with my personal journey and share in my glorious triumph. That's certainly possible. It's also possible that I will find myself face down on the race track with some seriously skinned knees and a critically injured pride. In those moments I plan to look to other creative people for inspiration. I personally know so many excellent creative people so all I should have to do for inspiration is just check out what they are doing and then just... follow suit. Sure. But at any rate, I'll be looking at their interesting and creative works and doing my best. Consider it a showcase of everything I find really cool that is made by an "independent" creator**. By that I mean, someone that isn't already famous, rich, or otherwise too cool to talk to me. I will do my best to showcase some really cool artists, writers, film makers and indie game designers. I'll also probably complain about big evil corporate entities acting as gatekeepers to truly creative content and how the internet will finally free us from their terrible clutches ...someday.

At any rate, "The creative revolution will not be televised" is both commentary on the state of 'culture and creativity' as I see it and a celebration of the best parts of this great nexus of energy and output.

Let's see where this leads...





*Thanks for all the fish

**See? This part is inherently unselfish!

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Indie Film Maker, AV Tech, Sci-Fi & Fantasy nerd. Looking to hone some writing skills and explore cryptocurrency along with this interesting community of folks

The Creative Revolution will not be Televised
The Creative Revolution will not be Televised

This blog is an exploration of creativity, philosophy, and the independent development of art and entertainment be it mobile games, indie films, literature, art, or anything in between. I love do-it-yourself creative types and I plan to showcase the most interesting gems I've found and I'll try to gain insight into the creative minds behind them!

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