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A new opportunity arises - How good are you at writing songs?

By MaGiWrit | The Coinrows | 3 Apr 2021

SongShop is a  new platform that matches songwriters with artists in need of new wonderful songs...



                week ago, the famous musical group 'Slipknot' released a small video logo as NFT on Zora

                And the first NFT musical album will be released soon by the 'Kings of the Leon'. The world of music is embracing

                the blockchain technological revolution and that is good news; But crypto-world apart, the internet, in general, is moving

               toward music creatives in an endless extent to give a helping hand...


Songwriters this service is for 'yo'

Back in time, it was not very easy to stand out with your music; To do the 'big leap' one had to send samples and hope to be taken in account by music managers sometimes really good at sniff new talents and sometimes not, sometimes biased by their tastes and sometimes too guided by market's tastes. It was hard and it is still hard. But the internet gives new opportunities and let people get in connection with each other easily and so also the musician and the crowd. is the name of a service that like few others as Music X-ray and Songwriters Portal let music creators to get in contact with artists, majors, and investors wishing to promote new original songs.

More in-depth, Songshop is a platform where songwriters from all over the world, can (virtually) meet artists seeking for fresh songs for their performances and expand their musical catalogue.

The service lets songwriters to pitch their songs to artists in an automatic or direct way according to pre-defined standard conditions so that the artist can re-interpret the piece to sing it or include it in his albums and the songwriter can get paid by a share of the license fee and of course get 100% of the royalties on the earnings done on the song.


Hmm.. tell me more

It is a kind of license-marketplace, where you as a songwriter can upload a decent, complete demo (no need to be studio quality but the highest the quality, the better) and that piece can be crawled by music artists by genre and other properties and if they like your sound they can buy a license that can be either a Standard or an Exclusive license.

The text of the two kinds of agreement is similar and can be read here licenses but roughly they say that the rights on the song are yours,who buys the license must pay to you your royalties on the earnings from the song and has a limited license to create his own version (like a cover) that he can sing in public and release on his albums.

The difference between standard and exclusive license is that the first one can be granted to an unlimited number of artists at the same time while the exclusive is given to an artist a time for a renewable period of six months.


Before doing the soundcheck 

To start licensing your musical art,you should first register yourself to a Performance Rights Organization like SOCAP, ASCAP or SESAC or the one that there is in your country…  This will help you to receive your royalties and to be protected.

Then register to the songshop website, choose from the free account the pro and the premium one and upload your song(s).

Be sure to have a Paypal Business account needed to receive the payments.

If you are just starting the best option would be the free account which would cost 0$ and let you upload a maximum of 5 songs grants  10% of the license fees paid by the artist and as with all the licenses and account types also 100% of royalties from the earnings of the song.

The pro account seems good also because is free for half a month and grants 25 uploads and 60% of the license fees and in addiction let you pitch the artists directly using the pitch platform and better advertising of your music to the artists.

Premium account costs 19$ but offers 50 uploads and 75% of the license fees in your pocket, plus the best advertising for your songs on the pitch platform that is accessible also for direct pitching... More details here


And if I am not a musician?

Good news. if you are not passionate about music, you can still give a try to their affiliate program which grants 20% of earnings on members sent by you without any extra costs for them of course. More information here



It is a good opportunity for the lucky ones who have this special magical talent in writing songs the license fees they give to you with the free account is not a big deal but if your music is really good you can always have all of your royalties and it is a good starting point, no it is a great starting point.

Anyway hope you liked the article and would be a pleasure to answer your comments. TC    

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