The Cloud Mining Diary #2
The Cloud Mining Diary #2

By The Joker | The Cloud Mining Diary | 22 Jan 2020

Hi guys I decided to keep you updated about journey on Dual Mine.

You can read my first about what is Dual Mine here:

I started the 15 of January with 642.79 GH/s of BTC hashrate that with the 6X promotion became 3956 GH/S

Then the 16th I bought 21.87 MH/s of DOGE hashrate and 38.11 H/s of ZCHASH, always with the same promo.

Then yesterday I got 10.55 MH/s of LITECOIN from my referrals.



Today 22/01 this is the dashboard.

I can already withdraw or reinvest my ZCASH, remember that if you reinvest you still get the 6x promo.


I will keep you updated, you should join right now that they have this great promotion:

The Joker
The Joker

I like crypto and jokes

The Cloud Mining Diary
The Cloud Mining Diary

A journey with Dual Mine

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