Al generated contents not allowed - A lesson learned.

By Amjadwaince | Opinions & Thoughts | 16 Jul 2023

Al ( artificial intelligence) technology grow rapidly and gets good place on internet scrolling. Each technology brings new revelry to users and made things easier. Mostly reduce manpower and time consumption and made possible things to solve in very quick ways. 

Al technology made much easier to search about any thing, topic or issue which put blogging sites in trouble. I remember the Random rewarder ( official tipping bot ) of stop tipping due to Al generated contents because it didn't worth any more to pay.

I confess that ,as writer, I get assistance from Al technology on some specific questions and abbreviations in my articles and I think most of us use this technology on any part of our articles. But system of publish0x forgive only 5-10% of wording generated by Al base technology. More then that detecting now as crime and started banning posts with removing of earnings as well. 

 My article came in radar due to my own neglectation. where I definitely misused the technology more then the permitted percentage which cause ashamed to me but we Human always do mistakes and learn from them.


Publish0x made now zero tolerance on this issue and all Al generated contents are not allowed due to accessive usages of these technologies which are empty from human emotions, feelings and sentiments. These technologies can't explain exactly what human wants and what they express.

Publish0x warns by Gmail to users 


About this issue initially and if user continues the mistake then it starts imposing fine as well in which posts banning, removing earnings and permanent account banned included. 

So conclusion and lesson is very clear that stay away from Al generated contents if we want to continue with publish0x. Al generated contents are totally has zero tolerance now. Only genuine, own , self created content is guaranteed to be alive here and sure earn some Ethereum, Spot and AMPL. 





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