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Oman have built a $350 million mining hub - Going for the future instead of trying to stop it

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The country Oman, located located in the middle east, have announced that they have built a huge crypto mining center in a bid to try not rely on oil export as much. This new cryptocurrency mining hub is the second one to emerge in the country the past years. It's reported that this mining center is built in a specialized economic hub where corporations have a lower tax rate. A local enterprise is running it by working together with a blockchain company from Dubai. 

The price tag of this big step into the mining industry lands on around $350 million USD. It is running cutting edge hardware with 2000 machines that is using 11 megawatts. But this is just the start and the aim is to have 15000 machines running soon. In interviews it was said that the aim is to hire local people to help the local economy by providing job and giving internship to young people to gain knowledge. Blockchain technology is mentioned to be seen as the future by the CEO of the project, making Oman one of the countries that is trying to jump on this trend of blockchain technology growing rapidly. A big difference compared to countries like the US where it seems like the aim is to shut it down, not the get onto this new global way of digital currencies. 

Will we be seeing more countries that invest in cryptocurrency infrastructures, in a bid to try and grow their GDP for the future? 

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