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Coinbase growing outside the US after Binance news

After Binance settled a multi-billion-dollar case with US regulators, we could observe a rise in market share for Coinbase. Something research bureau Kaiko picked up on. Following a $4.3 billion settlement between Binance and the US Department of Justice on November 21, because of anti-money laundering allegations, other crypto exchanges like Coinbase, have seen an increase in market share. A published a report indicated that Coinbase experienced higher trading volume during European trading hours outside of the regular US trading hours. Something showing how usage of Coinbase seem to have been growing for this exchange since trust in Binance dropped some. Important to note is that despite encountering legal challenges, Binance has reportedly maintained its liquidity across all cryptocurrencies. Following these guilty pleas of Binance and its former CEO Changpeng "CZ" Zhao to the money laundering and sanctions violations in the US, the shares of Coinbase have even reached an 18-month high! 
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