What Are SwagBucks?

If you haven't heard of SwagBucks yet, I recommend you check them out. SwagBucks is a great central location for all your shopping needs. Each time you complete a transaction, you earn 'swagbucks' you can then cash out directly to your Paypal account or choose gift cards from your favorite retailer, including Walmart, Amazon and Starbucks. There are over 1,500 big name retailers to choose from.

Swagbucks is much more than just shopping. Complete short surveys and daily polls, play games, and watch videos to earn SB.  Use their Yahoo powered search engine and search online for whatever you like and earn SB points. Imagine that, getting paid to search online. I was on the site this morning for just a half hour and quickly earned 48 SB by completing a few simple functions with the click of a mouse.

Most of the retailers also offer bonus discounts to encourage sales so you save more when you purchase while earning SB. Whether it's for groceries or planning a trip, there's a high likelihood you'll find a bonus discount or coupon on Swagbucks.

To date, users have collectively earned an incredible $635,000,000. Even if you shop offline or dine out at an affiliated retailer, you can still earn SB by uploading your receipt to SwagBucks. Better yet, SwagBucks often offers discounts on gift cards. Not a bad deal if you can purchase a $100 gift card for 15% off and pay only $85.

Look for free samples from some well known brands. Free is always good, right?

SwagBucks has an app for your PC or your mobile phone to make your online experience even more efficient and convenient.

Here are a few ways to earn SB when signing up to any of their great affiliates:

75% off personalized keto diet plan - earn 3,000 SB

ScotiaBank Momentum no fee card - earn 4,000 SB

Play 'Crossout' for FREE - earn 300 SB

Globe and Mail - just $1.99 a week - earn 2500 SB

Fubo TV - Stream live tv and sports - earn 750 SB

Play World of Warships - earn 500 SB

Vimeo - your videos deserve the best - earn 600 SB

LinkdIn - free learning trial - earn 250 SB

Bingo Liner - best online slots and bingo - earn 6000 SB

Door Dash - 1st month ZERO delivery fee - earn 500 SB

There are plenty more deals. Right now, a $25 Best Buy gift card can be cashed out at 25% off with only 1875 SB. A $10 ESSO gas card is being offered for 25% off and only costs 750 SB. A $10 Starbucks card is available at 25% off for only 750 SB. You'll also find gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Bath & Body Works, Indigo, iTunes and Tim Horton's and many more retailers. Gift cards are also available in higher denominations. You can also make a donation to your favorite charity including Doctors Without Borders, Unicef and The Breast Cancer research Foundation.

SwagBucks also has an excellent referral program. If you have a large online following, you can earn SB for each new referral and earn more every time they conduct a transaction that earns them SB. Your points can add up very quickly.

Once you've accumulated enough SB, cash out with gift cards or send cash to your Paypal account or both! Sign up today to get started. I guarantee you'll start collecting SB almost right away and it won't cost you a cent. So what are you waiting for? Click the link below to get started and get paid to shop, complete surveys / polls, watch videos, play games and conduct online searches at SwagBucks!

Bonus - Earn TFuel crypto while wtching TV on - sign up now...



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