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For a few years now, I've been following a gentleman by the name of Clif High's videos on Youtube. Last May, he moved over to BitChute as a result of Youtube's heavy censorship and shadow banning. I find his videos incredibly fascinating and look forward to whenever he posts a new video, which at this point, is every few days and are usually about an hour long.

Starting in the early 90's, Clif, a successful programmer, began developing software that he now calls 'Predictive Linguistics', which scours the deep web for certain repetitive keywords which he uses to analyse possible future outcomes. He believes we all have a certain sense of psychic ability which, unbeknownst to even ourselves, we project through our thoughts, manifested into words and placed on the internet, whether it be through articles or simple comments. 

Over many years, Clif has tweaked his software and has shared his findings through his 'Alta Reports' that he used to publish on a subscription basis. Now, he only publishes video tutorials to share with everyone as he believes there is a great urgency to share his findings as we go through these unprecedented and very uncertain times.

Many of his videos are actually history lessons. These are not the kind of history lessons you'd get in grade school. He talks about real history. He believes (and so do I), that history has been manipulated for centuries, if not for thousands of years. In one of his videos, he shares how the European elite committed genocide when invading the new world starting some 500 years ago, causing the deaths of over 200 million indegenous Americans and Central / South Americans. Yes, there really were that many people in the Americas. The history we've been taught is not at all what really happened and it's downright shocking.

Clif High coined the term 'WooWoo' world. What is the world of WooWoo, you might ask? Well, if you believe there was more than one shooter involved in JFK's assassination, you're in the Woo. If you believe 9/11 was an inside job, you're in the Woo. If you believe the US 2020 elections were fraudulent, You're in the Woo. If you believe the present pandemic  was planned long ago, you're in the Woo. If you think CNN is fake news, you're in the Woo. If you're educating yourself and looking for independent news sources, you're in the Woo. If you believe in space aliens, you're in the Woo.

Clif's videos centers around the WooWoo world as his predictive linguistics digs up all sorts of things that can only be described as the Woo.

Clif drops many red pills in his videos so be prepared for quite the awakening. He predicted Trump would be elected in November, 2016 even though the (fake) polls stated otherwise. He has interesting things to share about what is going on right now regarding Trump and talks in depth about devolution, the plan to keep government running in an existential crisis.

Clif also talks about body doubles and space aliens. Be prepared to be red pilled. This is not for the faint of heart. Yet, I believe it is necessary if we are to move forward with the great awakening.

Find out what he thinks about all the Covid mandates and the 'vaxx'. I can tell you, you will be shocked but it is necessary. It is time to wake up!

Follow Clif High on BitChute by clicking the link below. In just a few short months, he's garnered over 34,000 subscribers and counting. His legacy videos are still available on Youtube but all new videos are now posted on BitChute as his topics are so sensitive that Youtube had been giving him a hard time. I think Clif High is one of the most impressive video bloggers on the web. He's also interviewed often by Greg Hunter at USAWatchdog.com so I suggest following Greg on his channel over at Rumble. Greg was recently banned from Youtube so he must be good, right? Greg Hunter is one of the most sincere independent journalists out there.

I also suggest making a pot of coffee before you begin your journey into the world of WooWoo.

In closing, Clif High shares his belief that humanity will prevail over the darkness that has now enveloped the Earth but we must first go through a great cleansing to weed out all the bad actors who are trying to destroy everything we hold so dear to our hearts. The cleansing has already begun.

Clif High's BitChute Channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/HBBwqdoMy7Gz/


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