Wake Up Canada - Don't Vote For Justin!
Wake Up Canada

Wake Up Canada - Don't Vote For Justin!

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Party in Canada has called a snap election to be held on September 20. He stated that Canadians need to choose how we finish the fight against Covid-19. He has stated the so called vaccines are safe and continues to claim they are safe.  We now know otherwise that these gene therapy inoculations are extremely dangerous and causing death. Under his rule, we have had lockdown after lockdown and mask mandates. We know masks don't work but you see him going around donning his face diaper.

What most people aren't aware of is that Trudeau is pushing hard to pass bills C-10 and C-36 which are internet censorship bills akin to the same kind of censorship repression we see in communist countries around the world, primarily China. At present, Trudeau has a minority government and knows his bills won't pass. For this reason, I believed he has called this snap election, to gain a majority, push these bills through and send Canada on its way to a dictatorship.

For all intents and purposes, Trudeau is a communist at heart and has spoken openly about his admiration for the Chinese Communist Party and how they can do just about anything they please and his frustration here at home with all the rules and regulations preventing him from enforcing his own communist agenda. There are videos on the internet of him expressing his love of Communism. If you want to look forward to living under repression, vote for this maniac.

Before he was elected Prime Sinister, he was a part-time school teacher. That's all he ever did. The only reason he got elected was on the back of the fame generated by his Father, Pierre who is the longest serving Prime Minister in Canadian history. This is very similar to Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez, who before being elected to Congress at age 29, was a part-time waitress and now the lamestream media paints her as an all-knowing saint. The media in Canada also paint Justin as some kind of savior. When are we going to top falling for this crap?

As for the other parties... The Green party wants to shut down our oil and gas industries under the guise of the fake climate-change agenda. We need to keep the gas flowing or we'll all freeze to death in the middle of our brutal winters. Their plan is to de-industrialize us while allowing Russia and the Middle East to pick up the slack and reap all the profits. 

Then, there are the conservatives. Erin O'Toole is their leader and has expressed his opposition to forced vaccine mandates but is still encouraging people to take the injection. He's tying to get votes by promising a 'GST holiday' sometime later this fall. The Goods and Services tax, which I can attest that just about every Canadian detests is a 5% federal sales tax piled up with provincial sales taxes. In Ontario where I live, the combines sales tax is 13%. The GST holiday will be temporary of course and the duration will only be for one month, should he be elected in the upcoming election. He is also a big proponent of joining with the UK, New Zealand and Australia to create a new economic zone. All these countries, including Canada are going through draconian lockdowns and forced mandates. Two years ago, I thought this was a great idea. Now, I think otherwise so sorry Erin, you don't get my vote.

The Libertarian Party of Canada which has struggled to gain traction stands a very good chance of gaining solid votes this time around after everything our present federal and provincial governments have done and abused their power since the first lockdowns occurred in March of last year. Their platform pushes for freedom of speech, support of the family, ending the war on drugs and ending income taxation which they (and I) believe is illegal. By imposing a flat 5% federal sales tax, it should be enough to keep government functioning while providing Canadians the chance to keep their hard earned money and boost the economy. They also want to reform health care and introduce alternative forms of natural medicines and reform the pharmaceutical industry. My favorite part of their agenda is to kill central banking because they know it is nothing more than counterfeiting that enriches the few at the expense of the many.

The Bloc Quebecois Party represents the province of Quebec only and should be disregarded altogether since they don't represent the rest of the country.

Finally, a word or two on the new People's Party of Canada. Maxime Bernier, a former cabinet minister in the Conservative Party, famously quit in 2018 to form this new federal Party. He has shown to have strong libertarian qualities. His party is pushing for freedom of expression, balancing the budget, ending multiculturalism and preserve Canadian values and culture, allowing our gas and oil to flow and rejecting alarmism regarding the whole climate change hoax. He sounds like an honest guy and I hope he is.

So, of six parties mentioned, it looks to me like I have two choices, the Libertarian Party or the People's Party. I've placed links below that I think are relevant in helping you make a sound choice. I encourage ALL eligible Canadians to get out there and vote. The way things are going, it may be the last time we have a free and fair election. 

It's time to get rid of Justin Castro and get rid of him for good. There was a provincial election in Nova Scotia just last week in which the provincial Liberal Party too had called a snap election believing they'd win a majority (see link below). They were decimated instead. That's the power of the people for you.

I hereby endorse the Libertarian Party and the People's Party as both have a solid platform of representing and defending the rights of Canadian citizens. It's the red pill or the blue pill. Choose wisely.

Update August 28, 2021: Rebel News interviews PPC leader Maxime Bernier on being undemocratically denied entry into the party leader debates for the ucoming federal elections on September 20th.


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