Where'd you get that cool hat, Grandpa?

Out With The Old And... In With The Old?

While surfing through my subscription feed on Rumble, I came across a video published by the New York Post this morning titled, 'You'll be getting your style inspiration from grandpas in 2024'. The video features young males trying out outdated clothing that otherwise only GrandPas would wear, or so you would think. Not surprisingly, these fellows in the video actually look well refined in that old attire.

Throughout the ages, styles have come and gone. Every once in a while, certain styles can make a comeback. This time around, it seems 'GrandPa' attire is doing just that and frankly, I think it's a good thing. Nothing's more annoying and also disrespectful than seeing some young kid at the mall or downtown or anywhere with his pants half way down his waist, exposing his ass crack and tightie whities.

Dress up nice, like GrandPa!

If you're a young single male and want to attract someone, you'll want to dress up nice and if you want that good paying job? Dress up nice for the interview too. The truth is, people who dress up nice tend to be more successful and command a greater level of respect. Young men today can learn a thing or two from GrandPa, who worked hard all his life and seemed to know how do do everything and fix everything. This, all before there was ever any internet.

Wearing 'GrandPa' clothes is one thing. Dressing up to look respectful, not only to yourself but to others actually affects your mood and if it affects your mood, then it surely affects the moods of those around you. The website published this article, 'Dopamine Dressing: How to dress for your happiness in 2022' where they point out that it's been long understood that we can have psychological connections to certain colors. Hence, dopamine dressing: dressing in a way that elevates your mood in a positive way.

Those thrift stores are full of great, gently worn clothing, also at a fraction of the cost of a new item. This too may be why the young generation are making up new styles with the old. Inflation is affecting us all and our young generation is being hardest hit. Everything costs more so it would make sense to shop in a thrift store if you need 'new' clothing.

Thrifting for clothing is a great idea. It allows for clothing to be reused instead of thrown away, not to mention, environmentally friendly. Less dyes used, no packaging, no shipping halfway around the world and probably the best benefit, lower sales tax. More money that stays in your pocket, the better.

The benefits of wearing 'GrandPa' clothes might not only make you and others around you feel better but help you save money and could even help you land a much better paying job (all while saving the environment too because... you know... everything's gonna melt by 2030!).

Dress up nice, like GrandPa does!

For us older folks, dressing up nice offers us a chance to be good role models, to inspire the next generation to look and feel their best as they set about on their own quest for success and happiness.

To all the GrandPas out there, you're not as old as you think. Your clothes say so. You're back in style again.

OK, Boomer!

Happy Holidays...

Peace and love to everyone!

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