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'Now Hiring' And 'Help Wanted' Signs Everywhere...

Earlier today, I hopped in my car and threw in my guitar and drove around town and all around for about an hour or so and snapped some pictures of all the help wanted signs that have popped up just about everywhere as far as the eye can see. In all my adult life, I've never seen anything like this. I can remember a time when I had to go knocking on doors and beg for a job. Now it appears they are begging us to come in and apply, maybe even get hired on the spot and get a bonus too.

Let's start with the king of Canadian coffee shops. A 'Now Hiring' sign is now a common sight at practically all their store locations.

Tim Horton's Now Hiring Sign

In fact, it looks like all the fast food joints are desperate for new applicants. What's going on here? And just when the whole damn planet is hooked on take-out and delivery.

McDonald's 'Now Hiring' Sign

I guess those pesky, job stealing burger flipping machines aren't coming on the market fast enough. Looks like they're looking for a whole new team. Benefits included too? Flipping burgers can be very lucrative after all.

Wendy's 'Now Hiring' Sign

Thank Goodness for those programmable signs, eh? That's right up there for everyone to see.

50s Grill 'Now Hiring' Sign

The pharmacy's hiring too. What we need right now is more pills!

Now Hiring

Winter's already here and you couldn't find a mechanic. Don't feel too bad. Neither could these guys but their sign is nice and flashy. Very professional too. It got me to pull over and take this picture.

Meineke 'We're Hiring' Sign

I have no idea who these guys are. Maybe they're a staffing agency? The fact they used this tiny sign instead of that super cool, colorful sign above strongly suggests 'buyer beware'. Apply within at your own risk. Don't ever say I didn't warn ya!

AES 'Now Hiring' Sign

If you have experience with wood, I found a job for you...

Turkstra Lumber 'Now Hiring' Sign

These guys are offering $2500 bucks and increased pay packages. Good for them. They have the right idea. Maybe ALL companies should offer a sign on bonus? 

Mill Creek 'Now Hiring' Sign

And lastly, pizza delivery drivers are still in demand and just like those burger flipping machines, those pizza delivery drones are taking their sweet ass time coming online, aren't they? Caution: You must provide the car, insurance, maintenance, gas and good tires. You may have to drive over several potholes while delivering pizza and must wear a mask while driving. The good news is you MIGHT get a tip.

You gotta admit, they went through a lot of trouble making those beautiful signs.

Domino's 'Hiring Drivers' Sign

It's definitely strange to see so many signs looking for help all at the same time. I have a good idea what's going on but I'll leave that for another day in another article or maybe it's time these rich companies start sharing the wealth with the backbone of their companies, the employees?  What do you think is causing all of this? Are you seeing similar in your area? Please leave your comments below.

And finally, if your city doesn't have any jobs, just move to Cambridge, Ontario. Plenty of jobs here. The employment outlook is bright and the job market is on fire.  Cambridge is now hiring!


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