Greg Hunter's Latest Interview With Martin Armstrong's Greg Hunter published his latest interview with Martin Armstrong, author of 'Manipulating The World Economy' who has advised big banks including the European Central Bank. He was one of the few, if not the only voice to advise them not to let interest rates go negative or they'll never be able to reverse course. The ECB has been stuck now with negative rates since 2014.

He's even shook hands with Klaus Schwab and says he's never seen so many terrible world leaders in his lifetime and it's all because they are graduates of Schwab's Young Global Leaders school which he says is nothing more than communism and communism always fails in the end. Armstrong says: “It’s their fault. . . This is the worst crop of world leaders I have ever seen, and I have been consulting governments for 40 years. . . . The level of stupidity on the world stage is stunning. The globalists want communism, but the problem with communism is it does not work—period.”

In the interview, they discuss Russia and Ukraine and what's really going on over there. This will send prices much higher for everything and to keep cash on hand. Armstrong recommends buying what you need now because it will never be this cheap again as inflation goes crazy for the next couple of years.

It appears more likely, as we see Russia and Ukraine being locked out, that China too will eventually be locked out or they'll lock themselves out in solidarity with Russia. If China invades Taiwan, the hundreds of American companies (think Apple) will suffer greatly from confiscations as is happening in Russia right now.

The world is changing fast. Alliances are shifting and global trade is slowing and there's the very real possibility of it shutting down almost completely. We will have to re-structure to be more independent and revert to regional trading as it is more feasible and far less costly. In the meantime, get the things you need now before inflation forces prices up higher.

We're seeing it happen before our eyes. Just look at the price of gasoline in the last month. Here in Ontario, the price of gas just hit $1.79 per litre! I have never seen it go that high but I always knew it would. I expect $2 gas and eventually, $3 and $4 a litre by 2024.

Here's the link to Greg Hunter's interview with Martin Armstrong...

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