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Trust Is Earned

Can The FDA Be Trusted?

I've been seeing this for years and years how judges, elected and non-elected government officials end up with cushy jobs at big corporations after their tenure has ended. This has been going on for ages. The FDA is no different. It is truly appalling when people appointed to lead government agencies and sworn to protect us from companies like big pharma end up getting cushy jobs at... big pharma. The corruption runs deep.
The former vice-president of Monsanto, a company that's poisoned the earth with its RoundUp pesticide and also flooded the world with its genetically modified seeds, amongst other dirty deeds, is now the current deputy commissioner at the FDA. Do you really think this guy has your best interests in mind? He's likely looking for his next cushy job to be handed to him on a golden platter.
The real truth bomb though, is this one. Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb joined Pfizer's board in 2019 after stepping down as Commissioner in April of the same year. Great timing don't you think? Are you starting to connect the dots yet?
Examples are everywhere, in all countries of this type of corruption. The fake news media on Monday splashed headlines everywhere that the FDA approved the Pfizer shot. Don't believe it. It was an outright lie to once again coax us to take the M-RNA jab which is still under emergency authorization use only and no employer can force their employees to take it yet Joe Biden is encouraging employers to do just that. The corruption goes straight to the top of the pyramid.
The truth is, Pfizer got approval for another vaccine altogether called 'Comirnaty' which is not yet available to the public. I doubt anyone will want to get that jab either. Watch Greg Hunter's videos from the links posted below for proof of this.
We must recognize the corruption is rampant and demand something is done about. If our elected officials do nothing, as they always have, this time, it could prove to be their own undoing.
Elected officials, appointed officials, governmental agencies like the CDC and FDA and the mainstream media simply cannot be trusted. They have NOT earned my trust and never will, at this point.


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