Zoothereum NFT Gaming Project Review | New NFT Game for 2022

By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 7 Jan 2022

A new and exciting NFT project is coming this 2022.

In this short blog, we’ll be talking about a very interesting project made by a team of well experienced CG designers and animators. 

A place where fantasy becomes reality – Introducing ZOOTHEREUM



Zootheruem is a project created by a team of FOUR Crypto currency investors who work in the CG world full time for more than a decade. Their crypto journey  started way back 2015 when they started to invest in bitcoin. And Zootheruem is the product of their plan to merge those two industries together.  

And so this past year, they’ve been dedicated to making unique and quality artworks for this project. Looks great right?


What we know so far about ZOOTHERUEM, is that in a few days they will release their first series which will represent keys to all of Zoothereurm other offering suchs as coin launch, games and many more. 

They will begin their launch with 9 different eggs.   

Which will each hatch into unique and super limited NFT,  

There will be NO MORE than 250 copies of each unique NFT and Some will be as low as 10 to ensure rarity and uniqueness.   

Here you can expect anything –  Aliens, Dragons, Dinosaurs and everything in between. They have developed some amazing mythical and extinct creature and characters. 


Zoothereum Egg

And what’s exciting about these eggs is there’s TWO NFT’s for one.  

What do I mean by that? Owners will keep the original egg as well as what hatches.   

900 Eggs will be up for grabs 

There’s the artic, robotic, cemetery, oriental, island, mayan, galactic, ocean, and egyyptian egg each will be of a limited quantity. 



And as I’ve said a while ago, the first series will represent keys to what Zootheruem can offer.

And those keys will be a limited supply. Only 3900 keys represented by NFT’s which will be avaialble by the first of January 2022. Mark you calendars guys! 

Series two will be launched on March 25 next year – the time where eggs from series one will begin to hatch as well   

And by April they will finally reveal the game that they have been working on.


Quiet intriguing right?  

If you are interested by this project! Then make sure to join their discord chanel for more details, previews and also FREE NFTS! YEap, freebies up on their discord channel. All of their social media links are also linked on the description below.  

What do you think of Zoothereum? Will you buy an egg? And will you agree if I say those are some QUALITY NFT’s.. Let us know in the comments below.  


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