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By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 24 Oct 2022

Hey guys! It's time for another NFT Game Review! And today, we'll be talking about a new blockchain-based game centered around a vast collection of little unique creatures called ZEE NFTs.    

Here, players can collect, breed and battle. Zee Monsters in exciting turn-based strategy game modes, own lands and create players owned assets. I'm sure you want to know more about it, so let's jump into Zeeverse.



Zeeverse starts with an Egg that hatches into a beautiful little ZEE NFT ready to embark on an Epic adventure.    

To play in the Zeeverse, players must first acquire their very own ZEE, represented by an ERC-721 token, which they can obtain from other players or hatch from a ZEE egg. Once a player hatches their ZEE egg, which itself takes 5 days, the fun finally begins and the player can begin leveling up their ZEE monster.    

Note that the price of each monster fluctuates based on factors such as rarity, attributes, and class.  But don't worry, the game will be accessible on a rent-to-play basis to those who can't afford the floor price of Zee Monsters.  


Each ZEE has a unique class and collection of special attributes that define its appearance and battle traits. They must be leveled up in battles to improve battle traits and reach the evolution threshold for special attribute improvements.   

As the ZEEs rise in levels, not only do their battle attributes improve but also their skill sets, allowing them to unlock skills such as Mining, Crafting, and Farming.  This evolution system rests on the idea that it needs to represent and hold a value of the work invested in each ZEE Monster, and makes sure that the strongest  ZEE Monsters will be the ones with the most work put into them.   

Therefore, Zee is proof of work.


Zeeverse Gameplay 


In Zeeverse you can explore various dungeons, hunt for treasures, and battle epic bosses to obtain more ZEE Eggs or raid other players for their loot, and travel vast lands to mine voxels.  Zee World offers a variety of game modes built around turn-based strategy mechanics. Players can battle Zee Monsters in Multiplayer PVP modes, Solo, and Co-Op PVE modes.   

Battling earns Experience Points (XP) and Breeding Shards ($BST)  - an ERC 20 Token required to breed and evolve Zee Monsters.  Each battle costs Energy which regenerates every 3h and completely resets with a daily server reset. Energy limits of how much XP and $BST can be earned per day. 

Zee Monster

Raiding dungeons offer players a variety of ways to play and earn. Players will have multiple access modes which can be played Co-Op with other players. PVP mode, on the other hand, features a competitive battle mode where players compete in leaderboard ranking via rank points. Rank points that are gained by the winning player will be deducted equally from the losing player. Top rankers will be rewarded with ZEE tokens at the end of every season. 

Now, let's talk about egg hatching. Here in Zee World, hatching is crucial - not only to scale and attract new players but at the same time, it allows players to breed specific ZEE Monsters with special attributes. It can happen when Zee Monsters are put into a breeding room that produces an egg. It costs $ZEE and $BST.   

Note that each ZEE can be bred 7 times in total and every next breeding time costs more $BST. ZEE takes 7 days to fully mature from egg to grown-up ZEE. 

Zee Egg Hatching

As I've mentioned earlier, the team behind Zeevese recognizes that a player’s invested effort, time, and energy in the game should be proportionately represented by their level of progress and achievement in the game. No Pay-to-Win shortcuts, only Proof-of-Work.   

That's why their Evolution system is built around philosophy to represent and hold the value of work invested in each of ZEE Monster training. Each ZEE can achieve a maximum level of 99 where each level takes more XP. ZEE is trained by gaining XP in PVE and PVP modes. 

Once ZEE reaches the level threshold it has to be evolved into the next ZEE form which improves its attributes. 


Aside from the Zee Monsters, ZEE Land will add an additional layer of economics to the ZEE World metaverse. In total there will ever be 110,889 unique land plots represented on the map. Each land plot consists of 8x8 (64) tiles. Each piece of land is generated and will feature unique terrain along with one of many Voxel resources. 

Zee Land

Voxels are ERC-20 tokens that can be mined and used for ZEE Asset creation with Voxel Editor. It can also be mined with ZEE Monsters by staking them. Aside from earning passive income for being land owners and miners here, the land will give extra bonuses and rewards in battle.  Ultimately Land will allow players to create minigames and rich experiences that can be monetized by player-driven economics.   

Zee Land brings a lot of opportunities for creators to create and earn and opens the possibilities for collaborations through the Voxel Asset Creation tool. This tool allows whitelisted artists to create Zee Asset blueprints for Zee Land and can be animated and programmed for use by other players to craft Zee Assets. 


$ZEE token is at the center of the ZEE universe and is required to interact with ZEE economics. Some of its uses are to: 

  • Breed and Evolve Zee
  • Mine Land
  • Mint Zee Assets
  • Vote on Community Pools
  • and more....  



The core team members specialize in the field of mobile game development for iOS and Android platforms with 8 years of experience in this field.  Their goal is to deliver top-quality entertainment to their users by introducing innovative solutions and stunning visuals in the products they create.   

From their roadmap, we could see that they have just started Quarter 1 of this year and yet a lot of things have already happened for the project. The game has already been launched, as well as their mobile game apps/ And soon Alpha 3 is coming giving the Zee Mask Owners an opportunity to already earn.    

Having just rolled out the Alpha version of the game, the team promises to be hard at work implementing all of the small improvements necessary to bring us closer to the Beta release.  Going forward they'll be creating 100s of new ZEE kinds to increase the diversity of the gameplay and launch the Alpha version of the Asset Creator Studio, which will allow artists to craft in-game assets, Co-Op PvE Dungeons, and PvP modes. 

Zeeverse Roadmap

Many, many more upgrades, features, and improvements are to follow soon,  so in order to not miss out on any of the project's developments and updates, make sure to follow their social media channels to stay up-to-date on everything Zeeverse!   

As they say, we're only just beginning to scratch the surface of Zeeverse. So if you are interested in this unique project, check out lootex.io for their zeeverse Special Sale that is live Now.    

They offer Buy 1 Egg get 1 mask for Free only on Lootex.   

With the mask of Zee you will have: 

1️⃣ Access to join Alpha testing and get to experience all the joys of the Zeeverse before anyone else. 

2️⃣ Receive airdrop of Zeeverse token in the future. 

And by the way, just for you, Zeeverse is giving away 3 FREE MINT WHITELIST of the Mask of Zee NFT. Just make sure to follow Lootex and Zeeverse on Twitter. 


That's it for our Zeeverse Review.  Let us know what you think about the project in the comment section below.  

🔵Zeeverse Links: ZeeEgg on Lootex: https://lootexio.pse.is/LPAD_KOL1
Game Intro-article: https://lootexio.pse.is/ARTICLE_KOL1
Lootex Twitter: https://lootexio.pse.is/LTXTWTR_KOL1
Zeeverse Twitter: https://lootexio.pse.is/ZeeTWTR_KOL1

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