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By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 20 Apr 2022

Looking back in time, games were much simpler and much more dependent on the player’s input. When you used to play with someone in Pong, the only thing deciding the outcome of the match were the actions of you and your opponent. No one has an unfair advantage simply because he/she bought the most expensive character. Purely skill, no upgrades. Fair game. Fair competition.   

If you are a fan of PVP Games and love the feeling of victory of winning against other people because of your skill not simply because of your upgrades, well the game will feature today might be for you. 

A Free to Play, Play To Earn Game that is fully based on players’ skills. Introducing, Stumble Upon Rumble.  


Stumble Upon Rumble  

Stumble upon Rumble is a simple, fair, and fun free-to-play fighting game made in a lovely, nostalgic pixel art style.    

And it is built on Fantom – a highly scalable blockchain platform for Defi, crypto dApps, and enterprise applications where you can enjoy almost instant transactions and extremely low fees. 


FAntom Blockchain  


Stumble upon Rumble is a fighting game taking place in real-time action.  This means that as you are moving, so is your opponent. You do not need to wait on each other’s turn. This makes the battles much more fast-paced and intense.   

Players have two types of actions at their disposal: movement and attack.  

The player can move in 8 directions: up, down, left, right, and each of the diagonals. And they can use 3 attack mechanics in the game: punch, kick and block.  

They follow somewhat of a Rock-Paper-Scissors design, where each beats one but loses to the other.  


Stumble Upon Rumble  

There are no additional attacks or upgrades available in this game to ensure a level playing field for everyone. But they have a nice emoting system that can be used to quickly communicate with your opponent in the heat of the fight. Whether you want to express good sportsmanship or get on your opponent’s nerves with a taunt, there is an emote for you.   

Some game modes they have in mind are:   

First, 1 vs 1 arena which is the core gameplay. Players queue up in a server room of up to 40 users and take turns fighting each other on the ring.   

Next 2vs2 and 4 vs4 some sort of clan system where players form a group and get placed on the leaderboard together. 


SpiritCore NFT A  

There will also be limited-time events and boss fights where winners may get rewarded with chests that contain special NFTs availably only during the event.   

They are also working on a variety of fun mini-games that will be open at set times with accompanying live streams.  

And lastly, tournaments will be held on a periodical basis and can be applied to any of the game modes. TOP players will be rewarded with unique NFTs and their native GLOVE Tokens.   

Also, here in Stumble upon Rumble, wagering is completely legal. 

Players who are confident in their own abilities can participate in wager matches to earn $GLOVE tokens. Or a player can choose between different AI difficulty levels with varying payouts. For example, a ‘normal’ AI with a payout of 2X your wager,  a ‘hard’ AI with a payout of 4X your wager, and an ‘extreme’ AI with a payout of 10X your wager. 

AI matches are a good option for the times when there might not be enough players online to guarantee a quick matchup for the payer.   

There’s also an option of wagering by staking your $GLOVE tokens to back one of the top players.  


Gameplay Lightning Apeiron  


Stumble upon Rumble NFTs come in a variety of customization options. There are 3 types of NFTs that you can obtain and use in the game: fighters, hats, and arenas.   

Players can customize their fighter’s look. Fighters can be unique not only in their appearance but also in their animations. Players can also select a hat for their fighters to wear to create a unique fighting look. The arena appearance is also customizable.  

Each type of cosmetic NFT is rare in that it is minted in a limited amount. And there are different categories of NFTs by rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic & Legendary.


chinese ancient kingdom nft game  

You can get Stumble upon Rumble in-game NFTs in multiple ways. Besides directly purchasing NFTs on their website, certain NFTs can only be won for special accomplishments like placing high on the seasonal leaderboards, winning in-game tournaments, discord invite contests, or even MEME contests.    

Note again that these NFTs are purely cosmetic. They are to enhance your in-game experience and achieve a unique look for your fighter.


DOM Token GOLD Token  


GLOVE is the native token of the Stumble upon Rumble ecosystem with a maximum supply of 350 Million and it can be used in many ways. 

First is of course through primary market sales, It can also be used to burn or reward token holders as part of the sales profit funds the treasury. 

You can also use it for wagering as discussed earlier. Some game modes like tournaments or boss fights will require an entry fee to participate.   

There is also an opportunity for whale players to team up with one of their artists and design his/her exclusive character for a large number of tokens like 100K tokens.   

And lastly, part of it will be used to incentivize token holders who engage in staking and liquidity provision.   

For a more detailed look at their token and its distribution, you may check out their website.  


Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics  


The names and faces of the team behind it or the so-called THE OG rumblers are on the website. And although there are no links to their accounts, you can search them online. They recently held an AMA video on their official youtube account linked below.   

The game already has a bunch of amazing partnerships with some top-tier Fantom and Gaming projects.  Like paint swap the premier NFT marketplace on Fantom, Spooky Swap is an automated market making a decentralized exchange for Fantom Opera Network.


Ancient Kingdom NFT  

As per their roadmap, this game has actually started 2 years ago.  It’s already been in soft launch on Android since early 2021 but a launch for everyone is happening this quarter. 

Some more things to expect in the coming months are the IDO of the GLOVE Token, implementation of the p2p wagering system as well as the first community tournament.   

More game modes and updates will be available in quarters 3 & 4. 


Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap  


Stumble upon rumble is very accessible to everyone. Love the fact that features simple mechanics that do need not much experience in gaming or blockchain.    

While the gameplay is simple, it is also competitive and 100% skill-based. There are no buyable upgrades that give whales an advantage in a fight. By removing the pay to win and chance elements, everyone gets to play on a  level playing field.   

And with their game mechanics, there are also many opportunities for users to earn while playing.   

So I’d say Stumble Upon Rumble is definitely something you should add to your play-to-earn list. After all, you’ve got nothing to lose since it’s FREE TO PLAY. 

Would you try it out? Let us know in the comments below.   

And for more information about the project and its upcoming events, make sure to join and check out the social media channels linked below.


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