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By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 7 May 2022


Hey guys! I’m back with another play-to-earn game video. And today, we’ll be featuring a new NFT Game inspired by the ancient era of pirates.  

So if you love pirate games and you’re looking for a new blockchain game that’s easy, fun, and free to play. Then you’re in the right place.    

Get ready to Play, Connect and Earn with Pirates Land!



Pirates Land is a play-to-earn game under the Binance Smart Chain whose mission is to create an ecosystem of Metaverse Pirates where communities are at the center and has a player-owned economy.    

This game promises to bring players an outstanding world of TreasureVerse with interesting stories behind it.  


Ancient Kingdom  


Pirates Land’s mechanism is the same as Pirate King’s  – a famous online pirate game.  

Spin, Win Points, and use them to upgrade your pirate island and complete missions.   

Before we discuss the gameplay,  let’s talk about the items in this game first.   


There are 5 tiers of Battleships here  Classic – Rare – Super Rare – Ultra Rare – Legendary.

Each has a different number of shots depending on the quality of the Battleship.    

To own ships, players can randomly claim Battleships by joining Spinning inside the Game or opening Mystery Boxes which are sold separately. It is actually available now on the site.  The cheapest one is sold at 30 BUSD per box as per the site and the most special one is sold at 350 BUSD 


Army of Chaos Apeiron  


Captains have to build an island by collecting fame points that can be earned while playing the game. 

Islands here have different levels and are customizable same as the battleships.   


Port is an important item in the Pirates Land that gives certain benefits to captains when trading, buying, and selling in the marketplace.  

For example, the transaction fee can be deducted if captains own at least one port. 


SpiritCore NFT A  

Decorative Pieces 

These are the special items in Pirates Land, that captains can use to express their own style and individuality. 

Decorative Pieces can be used for Battleships and Island 


A must have for all Pirates. This is attached to the side of their battleship.  


Gameplay Lightning Apeiron  

Now let’s talk about the gameplay Pirates Land is a Free-to-start game.  

Each player needs to create an account to join the TreasureVerse.  Players will be provided with free starting equipment (Battleship).   

Here you get a ship, spin to earn points, build islands, decorate your ship and maintain it.   

For the PVE Mode of Pirates Land, there are 3 different types –  Conquer Mode, Boss Hunting Mode, and World Boss Mode.    

Each gives you a chance to earn Pirates Land Token and Gold. 


chinese ancient kingdom nft game  

There are two main types of Boss Hunt in Pirates Land.  

Raid Boss to earn gold (which is Free-to-play):  Here Captains can get gold to upgrade the levels of islands.  

Second, Raid Boss by Staking (which is the Play-to-earn mode):  Captains need to stake an amount of token to join the raid boss mode. The damage points obtained will be taken as the final points to compare with other pirates’ results.  The winners will earn Pirate Land Token. 

But here in Pirate Land, the main mission for all captains is to attack and occupy treasure islands. So there’s a PVP aspect where captains can connect and fight with other captains.  

Same with PVE there are different modes in PVP here – Demolition, Deathmatch and Battleship   

It’s a huge advantage to have better ships or upgraded ones (the higher power points, the stronger the battleships are).


DOM Token GOLD Token  


Pirates Land Token is under the Binance Smart Chain and it has a total supply of 500 million.

This will be used for staking, buying, and selling items on the marketplace, rewards for participating in the community events, and for buying items in the game.  

And here’s their detailed plan for token allocation:

A huge percentage is for the Play To Earn which will be unlocked upon the game launch. Next to that, 14% is for the fund reserve. 11% for the Ecosystem then 10% each for liquidity and for the team. And the rest is divided into the private sale, and public sale at 5% each. 2% for the advisors and 1% for the seed sale.  

For a more detailed look on their tokenomics, you can check out their whitepaper on piratesland.io 


Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics  


They started Quarter 3 of 2021, with research and development, and design.

Socials and website have already been launched just last quarter. And just this week they have their ongoing IDO events. 

Game Mainnet will be released this Quarter 2 along with PVE, Islands, Port on the Marketplace, and testnet for the PVP to earn and rank.  

Some things to look forward to by the end of the year are raid boss, the play-to-earn features, treasureverse, tournaments, and customizations.    

To be updated on the progree of the project, you may follow them on twitter and telegram. 


Ancient Kingdom NFT  


The game has a fully doxxed team. The core team is composed of young-looking yet experienced members in their own respective fields.    

Their founder for example CEO Trung Vu has more than 5 years of experience in the field of game operation. CTO Alex Tran has 12 years of experience in the field of security technology. And their CO-founder and lead game developer is also the CEO of BAZOKA studio with 6 years of experience in Game Development.  

More information about the team is released on their social media channels.


Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap  

Pirates Land is a casual game. Meaning it’s targeted at a mass-market audience so it has simpler rules, shorter sessions, and requires less learned skill compared to games produced for hardcore gamers.    

But what’s good is it’s FREE TO get started here.  

As per investing on the boxes and NFT, we always trade at your own risk and invest only on what you can afford to lose.    

Again, it’s still a new game so I’m still looking forward to seeing the actual gameplay footage of Pirates Land plus their partner and advisor reveal which some are hidden at the moment. 


Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box Sale  

As with any other blockchain game, of course, there will still be some risks involved. It still depends on whether or not the game grows and attracts many players.   

We can only look forward to how the game will succeed in this competitive market.   

What are your thoughts about Pirates  Land? Let us know in the comments below.  Make sure to join their community for updates about PIrates Land, weekly announcements and giveaways.


Pirates Land Links:

Homepage: https://piratesland.io/
Gitbook: https://docs.piratesland.io/
Channel: https://t.me/PiratesLandAnnouncement Telegram: https://t.me/PiratesLandGlobal
Discord: http://discord.gg/piratesland
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PiratesLandio

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PiratesLand.io


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