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By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 16 Mar 2022

I’m excited to share with you a turn-based idle combat game,  inspired by Norse Mythology and the Seven Deadly Sins promising to bring players the best experience with their interesting storyline,  hyper-attractive gameplay, and ravishing graphics.

Introducing:  Orbitau


Orbitau Logo

Orbitau — Seven Deadly Sins is a fantasy game that offers unique experiences based on well-known stories. 

And it’s the first game based on Taureum.

The game is developed on Unity with its backend existing on BSC or Binance Smart Chain 

With these chains as the foundation, Orbitau invites you to participate in a compelling story of Norse Mythology as you create original and valuable NFTS  that can later be traded on their marketplace.


Orbitau Play to Earn

The story of Orbitau begins with the apocalypse of Ragnarok bringing an end to the world as we know it.  

However,  in a turn of events and desperate final attempt,  Loki opens the ancient portal beyond the Nine Realms to escape,  instead of pulling the majority of the Gods into a twisted space,  one in which they don’t belong.  

As players enter the PvE experience,  they follow this storyline into the mythical world of Orbitau,  interacting with different items,  all with their own history. 

And it’s here that players will enter an immersive experience. 


IDLE Blockchain Game

In Orbitau, a mystical world of mixed reality and fiction,  players directly participate in the Demon — God conflict through classic role-playing and turn-based strategy games.   

Players begin their journey with three heroes corresponding to the elements of life,  Ember, Forest, Earth, Ocean, and Ore.

All heroes have their own skill sets that you can freely upgrade and arrange to devise the most effective strategy. 


Orbitau Gameplay 2

Players will take on the roles of several heroes in order to complete very difficult yet rewarding challenges.  They may also work together to complete cooperative objectives,  create guilds,  and combat one another.  

The PVP feature allows players to participate in combat with other players across the world.  

Of course, the reward will be greatly proportionate to tournament,  Battle Pass, or Season ranking success. 


Orbitau Gameplay


When players embark on their adventure,  they have the option to take part in a solo adventure,  battling each other, or join together to complete co-op quests and even in the formation of guilds. 



On their own, players may embark on an adventure,  which will include the completion of a daily quest.    

Every day the task list will be renewed and players will receive a reward for their hard work. The daily quest also reveals a part of the plot. 



As daily missions turn into weekly missions  that are met with even greater challenges,  players will have no shortage of quests  that need to be completed  or rewards that can be earned.




Players will go through towers of increasing complexity according to their current power level and receive many high-value rewards along the journey to conquer the lands. 


In a guild, you will join any number of other players in activities for clan development.  

From conquering other lands to boss hunting to building facilities,  there is no shortage of what your guild will be able to accomplish,  nor is there a limit to the profit you may incur from taxing through Orbitau’s land development protocol. 


Orbitau NFT Game


In Orbitau,  NFTs include Eggs, Heroes, Pets, Lands, and Rare Items. 

The Eggs of Elemental Monarchs are crystallized from a massive energy core with the ability to maneuver natural forces. 

To own a Mythical, Legendary, or even Immortal level egg in Orbitau,  players will need a lot of luck.  

When one hatches,  you will own a valuable NFT that any Orbitau player would love to have. 

Heroes, pets, and lands can be purchased from pre-sale,  weekly events, or trade on the NFT marketplace.  Heroes and pets have combination and upgrade mechanisms that allow players to create their own unique NFTs. 




TAUM is the governance token for all the games in their ecosystem.   

You can earn it through in-game quests and activities like tower training, PVP, and more. Also through lucky events and staking reward.

And this will be used to purchase items, eggs, heroes on the marketplace. It is also necessary for upgrading major heros and breeding eggs. 


TAUM Token

TAUM Holders will have the voting right on the Taureum- related projects.  

TAUM Token has already been successfully listed on Panckake Swap and Coinmarket cap.  

Ori on the other hand is the utility token for the Orbitau Universe. Players can earn and spend ORI in the game activities.  

For more information about their Tokenomics, the vesting period, and the allocation you may check out their whitepaper linked on the description below.


Taum Orbitau


F6 Galaxy is the core team implementing the Orbitau project,  and it is made up of experts with an average of more than 11 years of experience in the fields of technology and business development,  with businesses worth more than $400 million USD. 

And here we could see their dedicated artists, 20 in total specializing in drawing, UI, UX, and animation for the whole project. 


Orbitau Team

As per the roadmap, the first quarter of 2022 is where the EGG NFT Selling will happen along with the PVE Gameplay release 

PVP and Land NFT Sales will take place on Quarter 2 and on Quarter 3, that’s when guilds will start to form.

And here we could see that mobile version for IOS and Android  is set to be released on Quarter One next year.


Orbitau Roadmap


The team behind Orbitau sees that many NFT Game projects fail to meet the core values of a video game  — to entertain and enrich the player experience. 

Recognizing these shortcomings,  they’ve set out to create an NFT game  that not only helps players “Play-to-Earn,”  but also “Play-and-Earn”, while offering real immersive experiences in this world.  

They say, with Orbitau,  gamers can fully immerse themselves in the most exciting gaming world  while earning real money through fair and exciting in-game activities.


Star NFTs (Land)

And I’m looking forward to how these things will happen once the game is released.  

But seeing an experienced team that is fully doxxed and is dedicated to creating an entertaining game I can say it’s worth following on.  

So if you’re interested in the project or is a fan of the turn-based idle game, make sure to check out Orbitau’s social media channels linked below to be updated on its current news and updates. 

What are thoughts about Orbitau? Would you try it out? Let us know in the comments below. 


Orbitau Links:

Website: http://orbitau.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OrbitauOfficial

Telegram: https://t.me/OrbitauGlobal

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Orbitau

Medium: https://medium.com/@OrbitauOfficial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OrbitauOfficial

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/OrbitauOfficial


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