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By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 1 Mar 2022

Hey guys. Today I’m excited to share with you an upcoming NFT project for 2022. An NFT stake-to-earn game with an outer space theme called Moonopoli Game. 

 A fork of Wolf Game that stole the attention of the entire NFT community last year because of its unique mechanics. I’m sure you wanna know more about it so let’s get started.




Moonopoli is a fork of Wolf Game – an Ethereum- based game released last year that became very popular because of its unique concept combining both non-fungible tokens or NFTs and elements of  Decentralized Finance or Defi to bring yield farming to players. 

They introduced never-before-seen blockchain mechanics like NFTS stealing other NFTS  and NFTs Taxing Other NFTS. 


Wolf Game

Wolf Game defined their project as a risky blockchain-based game and NFT Risk Protocol that features high stakes and high rewards. Players’ in-game decisions directly impact their staking rewards,  and in some cases the fate of their NFTs themselves. 

That unique twist to their passive income model resulted in generating over 52 Million Dollars in sales in five days – making it the most traded NFT Game behind Axie Infinity and the Sandbox at that time.



And many famous personalities has been drawn to the game as well. But don’t worry, if you weren’t able to join them especially since buying their NFTs costs a fortune since it’s in Ethereum .. well..  Moonopoli is for you.  

A project yet to be released this year having the same unique concept. 



Moonopoli Game  

Moonopoli Game runs on the Avalanche Blockchain – a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform that rivals Ethereum.

It is a smart contract-capable blockchain platform focused on transaction speed, low costs, and eco-friendliness. And their utility token is AVAX. 



The game’s story is about the Earth receiving contact from outer space to assemble Astronauts to enter a portal to the moon to collect treasure minerals called Moon Tokens.  

However, there are also Alien Warriors summoned to go and collect there. 


Moonopoli Story

So in Moonopoli, the important NFTs are “Astronaut” and “Alien”. And you can think of them as the farmer which is the astronaut and the stealers which are the aliens. 

Here in this game, players earn Moon Tokens by sending Astronauts on a mission to collect or farm it or by owning Aliens which can steal $Moon Tokens.

On their Gen 0 NFT collection – 20,000 in total,  there’s an 80% chance of summoning Astronaut and a 20% chance of summoning Alien.


Moon Citizen

The interesting risk factor comes in how people decide to use their astronauts.  Here players have two options: 

First, they can stake their Astronaut to collect Moon Token. However, each time Astronauts try to bring MOON token back to the command center (or harvest), 20% of it will be stolen by Aliens.   

Stolen MOON token is split amongst all the staked Aliens, proportional to their ranks. 

If Players want to take all their MOON tokens, they could unstake their Astronaut. But here’s the catch. There’s a 50% chance for all the Moon Token to be stolen by Aliens and split amongst Alien Stakers. 


Moon Citizen

Staked Aliens also have a 10% chance of kidnapping newly summoned Next Gen Astronaut or Alien resulting in the NFT going to a random Alien Owner instead of the player who spent Moon Token to Mint it. 

Confusing? Well basically, it’s an ON CHAIN staking game. 

You take your NFT Characters and stake them to get tokens which you can then use to buy more of those characters. 

It is an idle kind of game that doesn’t require 4 hours of your day actively moving around and clicking your mouse or typing on your keyboard.  


Moon Citizen


Here’s the list of how many NFT’s there will be in the game:

Gen 0, Only 20,000 can be minted using Portal. Whitelisted can buy Portal for 1.25 AVAX Token currently priced at around 90$.

Join their discord channel if you are interested to be whitelisted. 

Portal price on public sale will be 1.50 AVAX but exact date for it is still to be announced. 


Moon Citizen

Note that the benefits of holding Gen 0 NFT are airdropped land NFT for PHASE 2 Gameplay. 

In Gen 0 There are 80% chance of summoning Astronaut, and a 20% chance of summoning Alien 

While in Gen 1-3 There is a 90% chance of summoning Astronaut, and a 10% chance of summoning Alien. 

Gen 1 -3 can only be minted using MOON Token.


Moon Citizen


The MOON Token Supply is 5,000,000,000 

When supply reaches 2,400,000,000 $MOON earned for staking, the staking faucet turns off. 

The developer will receive 12% of the supply and the community wallet will be allocated 2 Billion Moon Token 

There are NO exact dates yet but what we know so far is that for the first quarter of this year they have the portal sale, minting of the nfts, moon token launch, and the beginning of Phase 1 – the mechanics I explained earlier.


Moon Citizen

In Quarter 2, once the moon is populated with veteran Astronauts and Aliens the PIONEERS or GEN 0 may claim their piece of land. And tools will be needed to mine its riches. Moon Gem Token, Moon Gem Oil, and Moon Gem Crystal. 

Phase 3 is planned to launch at Quarter 3 and more things to look forward to by the end of the year.


Moonopoli Roadmap


The Moonopoli Gameplay is certainly a novel concept.

It’s new and interesting – not like any other NFT game that we have reviewed so far.  

Here, you can play with your own level of risk. Just like Wolf Game, it’s about strategy, risk, losses, and success defined by the choices you make.  

So if you’re into high stake, high-reward kind of game, then this might be for you. 


Moonopoli Roadmap

The project is indeed interesting and if they could pull it off like how Wolf Game did it or make it even better, then it might reach or even surpass its success. 

Let us know your thoughts about Moonopoli in the comment section below.  

Would you invest in it? But as we always say TAYOR and DYOR. 

If you are curious and want to know more about Moonopoli, then head on to their social media links in the description below to be updated on the project.  


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