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By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 9 Mar 2022

It’s about time we talk about a new Metaverse that doesn’t revolve around high-tech robots. Not that I have anything against robots.

I guess I just miss the magic that comes from… well… the mix of many races and magical sources of power! 
It’s about time we get to own new avatars and NFTs from the magical metaverse world of Meta Nanos.


Meta Nanos


In a realm that’s beyond time and space, only 2 things exist to last forever: 

First is The Two Gods, who are Gaderia the mother of Order, and Utor the father of chaos. The second is the Games. 

People of all sorts of races from all sorts of time periods can join in these so-called “Games.” Literally, everyone can participate! Orcs, Magicians, Robots, Golems, Knights, heck even Cacti and Tree People! 


Meta Nanos

But when it comes to these competitions, we all know that there should be winners, and winners should have prizes. And the promise is that whoever wins the Games will have any wish granted by the Two Gods. 

Admit it, what could be a better prize than that, right? 

There’s just a little catch, coz in order for anyone to be able to enter the Games, they need a mysterious and powerful Gem.  

The problem is, when one enters the Games, they become pawns of the Two Gods, and they turn into what are called NANOs.  

My synopsis is a little vague, so if you want to read the whole writing of Meta Nanos’ Lore, you can go to their website or visit this link


Meta Nanos


Meta Nano is a 3D Play-2-Earn metaverse that will soon be filled with a series of competitive games.  

The way to compete is by bringing with us our NFTs called NANOs, and participating in the games. 

The very first game that will come out from the first batch of games they are developing will be a Racing game. Meta Nano will be hosting multiple play-2-earn games where in the rewards are going to be Crypto Tokens. 

And the best part about these NANO NFTs being in one metaverse is that each one of these NANOs can be used to play in many different games -not just one game!


Meta Nanos

The same NFTs can be sent to race tracks and then fighting arenas, and perhaps even MMORPGs and shooters! 

They are all going to be playable 3D NFTs and they are what we need in order to be able to enter NANO Games. 

And here’s a little showing of their avatars. We’ve got the magician, the golem, ice princess, dwarf, knight, cactus, enchantress, morgan freeman… 

Oh I mean… Morgan Treeman -OK so I swear I’m not joking this time. We really have a Morgan Treeman NFT right here.


Meta Nanos

Pretty self-explanatory where they got this idea hehe. 

And last but not least… we have this robot guy -that still doesn’t have a name revealed yet. Plus more to come of course! 

What’s more? There are also going to be Equipment NFTs in the future and we’ll hear an announcement about them soon in Q2 later this year. 

And finally, everything in the Meta Nano metaverse will operate in the ecosystem of HEROcoin. 

HEROcoin Tokens, otherwise tickered as PLAY, is an ERC20 Token which means to say that Meta Nano is operating in the Ethereum Network. 

I’m sure this is good news for a lot of us who are already holding Ethereum assets -whether it be crypto or NFTs. 

But what is the HERO Ecosystem exactly? Well, it’s an ecosystem that combines various projects of different industries that involves iGaming, E-sports, and NFTs and is basically there to establish its own Metaverse. 


Meta Nanos

The founders of Meta Nano are also the founders of HEROcoin. 

So it couldn’t be more obvious how both of them have the desire to be huge in the future. 

But now let’s talk about how exactly we can earn by playing Meta Nano Games. 

Aside from the crypto earned by winning games, staking is also possible in the HEROcoin Ecosystem. 

There are sure to be even more ways to play and earn in this metaverse in the future. 

The project is rather young and there are still many things to look forward to about it. 

To know more about the HEROcoin Ecosystem, you can visit:


Meta Nanos


Looking at the roadmap, we can see that the project started just less than a year ago. 

And right now that it’s already Q1 of 2022, it’s almost time for them to finally perform the very first drop of Alpha Pass NFTs 

It starts on February 22 at 5 pm GMT+8 and will take place on their website at, so we only have 6 days left to wait before it finally comes. 

And not only that, it’s called Drop # 1 for a reason. 

There are 3 more drops that are to follow quickly. Drop # 2 just 4 hours later, Drop # 3 3 days later on the 25th, 

The last one is on March 2. Buying NFTs costs PLAY Tokens, or HEROcoins the first time, then for Drops 2-4 the NFTs will cost WETH. 


Meta Nanos

From these 4 drops, we’ll have the opportunity to buy 3 kinds of Alpha Pass NFTs. 

Silver Pass, Gold Pass, and Crystal Pass. 

Silver pass will grant owners 3 spots to be part of the Pre-minting of the NANO NFTs that’s coming soon, and one free Equipment NFT that’s coming later. 

For Gold pass owners, they’ll be getting a NANO NFT for free -in addition to the 3 spots they are getting for the pre-mints of NANO NFTs and 2 Equipment NFTs for free. 

While the best one, which is the Crystal pass, gives 3 pre-mint spots, 2 NANO NFTs for free, and 3 Equipment NFTs all for free! Plus the VIP access to participate in the DAO pool. 

All holders of the 3 passes will have guaranteed Early Game Access, too! 


Meta Nanos

There are only 3500 Alpha Passes available. 2000 Silvers, 1000 Golden ones, and only 500 Crystal ones. 

There’s no exact prices for these NFTs since it’s going to be sold in an auction for a duration of only 1 hour. 

So… of course, the highest bidders will get the passes. 

Then soon in Q3 this year we can expect the alpha version of the 1st play to earn game to come out. 

Followed by the beta version and final version before the year ends. 

And soon they’ll introduce us to what they call Training Pack NFTs. 

Oh and it’s important to note that the NFTs are limited, too, and we will only ever get 22,222 NANO NFTs and 40k Equipment NFTs.


Meta Nanos


Here’s the dev team behind The Meta Nano Metaverse.

The 2 founders Paul and Philip are also the ones that founded HEROcoin. 

They are fully doxed and you can check them out on their socials as you can see on their website.


Meta Nanos


So what do you think about the Meta NANOs? Their NFTs, Metaverse, and even the HEROcoin Ecosystem? 

Tell us in the comments below. 

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