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By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 18 Oct 2022



Hey guys! Today, we’ll be talking about a new play-to-earn game in the metaverse and an NFT Platform called Klaymeta. Mixing play to earn, MMORPG, and auto-battler features, KlayMeta promises to deliver a unique crypto gaming experience.  

Read until the end to learn what this project is all about and how you can join their ongoing giveaway with a $1000 prize pool.  Let’s get started! 



KLAYMETA is a world composed of open digital avatars, providing an easy, fun, and immersive gaming experience for anyone. KLAYMETA is hosted on the Klaytn blockchain on the BNB smart chain. 

Made by Natris, the same creators of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms, KLAYMETA is a unique P2E game that wants to challenge the status quo of NFT gaming. 
KLAYMETA has NFT avatars, staking, and breeding mechanisms. Furthermore, users can enjoy quests and adventure gameplay through its META quest feature which we’ll discuss further later.  

First, let’s discuss the avatar – an alter ego of the player moving in the KLAYMETA World. The avatars are an essential part of the vast ecosystem. It is an NFT that complies with the KIP-17 standard of the Klaytn Network.  

KLAYMETA Avatars come in different variations, depending on the class, elements, and visuals attached to them. Each avatar can be one of five distinct classes: 

  • Assassin 
  • Support 
  • Tank 
  • Range 
  • Mage 


Klaymeta Avatars  

You must use the summon avatar feature to get your very own avatar. One NFT avatar costs 30 $KLAY, equivalent to around $8 dollars. You swap the $KLAY for one $MST – this is the KLAYMETA summon token. With this, you can get your very own unique NFT avatar. 

When summoning an avatar, the class, attribute, appearance, and equipment are randomly determined, and the avatar grade varies according to the parameters of the equipment.  

Once you have your NFT avatar, you can use it in both Meta Quest and Adventure modes, earn rewards, or exchange avatars with other players through the market. 

Furthermore, you can combine three avatars and 10 $META to summon one new incredibly rare avatar. Unlike regular summons, Light and Dark elements can occur due to this exciting transformation.  


Army of Chaos Apeiron  

Instead of traditional Breeding, KLAYMETA has FUSION.  

Fusion is a unique progressional feature for KLAYMETA added just this year, allowing players to upgrade their avatars as they progress in the KLAYMETA world. 

Fusion is KLAYMETA’s version of breeding.  The goal of Fusion is to create a stronger Avatar for you to quest and adventure with. Instead of being completely random, Users can select two equipment items with attributes they want to keep, whether for aesthetics or practicality. 

Fusion was initially released to the Korean player base and was well received which is why KLAYMETA is confident that their global player base will enjoy it as well. 

Fusion works by combining two avatars together (one base avatar and one sacrificial avatar) at an initial cost of 6 $META, increasing after each subsequent Fusion. 


Klaymeta Fusion  


As mentioned earlier, once you have your NFT avatar, you can use it in both Meta Quest and Adventure modes.

You can participate in the meta quest through up to 5 avatars. Parties of several different players can be created to compete against each other to earn $META, their native token.    

To form a META Quest party, you need an avatar and an all-rounder worker who is responsible for the party’s miscellaneous tasks, such as moving precious $META and building a camp.  Hiring KLAYMETA workers helps increase the productivity of the party.    

Avatar and Worker collect $META every time a new block is connected to the Klaytn chain. A META Quest party with good collection efficiency can collect a lot of $META. 


Gameplay Lightning Apeiron  

As for the adventure game mode, to begin, you must summon five or fewer avatars that together reach the requirements for each set of Adventures.   This mode encourages the use of Fusion and upgrades the avatars. 

Adventure difficulty levels are D Rank(3), C Rank(3), B Rank(2), A Rank(1), and S Rank(1), and a new adventure of the same difficulty is created when the adventure is completed. Players can earn meta points and crafting materials by participating in adventures. 


chinese ancient kingdom nft game  


$META Token is the main token of the economy with a total supply of 200 million.  It is a governance token that also has utility characteristics such as avatar combination, an exchange medium of game tokens for partner games, and participation in limited edition auctions. 

$META holders can earn rewards by staking tokens, playing games, and participating in key governance votes. To spur deflation, $META has a multitude of deflationary mechanisms embedded into its code. 

As with other NFT Games, there’s also a staking feature here at Klaymeta. Staking is a way to reward participants for locking up $META in order to become part of the KLAYMETA owner in the long run. By staking $META, you will receive a share of the revenue generated by KLAYMETA, and you will be given the right to speak and vote through future governance. 

For more information regarding their token, how to stake and the staking rewards you can check it all at their website linked below.  


DOM Token GOLD Token    

Now here’s a look at their 2022 Roadmap for the project.  There are several updates happening this month and next. And moving to the BNB Chain is happening in October 2022. The demo Game is still to be revealed by the end of this year.  

The team behind it is very active in sharing the development status of the project, so if you are interested in the project make sure to follow all of their social media channels to be updated.  

And speaking of that, the giveaway I shared with you in the intro is all about their community growth. It has actually started but you still have a few more days to participate in it. 

Click the link and just complete all the tasks to get a chance to win $200. There will be 5 winners so make sure to participate coz’ all you have to do is to follow them on their social media channels. 


Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics  

Again, if you want to join the Klaymeta Universe and create your very own unique avatar, check out their website.  Let us know your thoughts about Klaymeta on the comments below.   

Klaymeta Links

Website: https://bit.ly/3STR0vX
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KLAYMETA
Telegram: https://t.me/klaymeta
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/klaymeta
Giveaway: https://gleam.io/4J4q7/klaymeta-giveaway

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