Different Ways to Earn on Cropbytes | Cropbytes Contest Reward Pool Worth 8000 TRX

By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 2 Oct 2021

I have shared with you before this play to earn game called Cropbytes - a farming simulation game in the cryptoverse that has already been in the crypto gaming revolution since early 2018. A light and easy game that needs only a few minutes of your time a day to play.

Cropbytes POster

But I haven't really discussed much on how do we really earn through this game. If you want to know how, then read until the end!

1.) Farming

There are multiple ways of earning in this game, first is obviously through farming.
Taking care of your animals, crops and other in game assets.

For the animals, every time you feed them it gives you extracts.
Milk From goats and cows then from birds you get eggs or on some feathers.
Pigs give you truffles and horse hair from horse. How many depends on the animal you have.

Cropbytes Animal Extracts

But those extracts you get from them are convertible to Cropbytes GAME COINS. Which at this point is priced at 1.5 TRX each.

You could simply exchange that game coin for TRX to get your earnings but personally I'm holding it until the price and conversion goes up. Since those game coins is useful as well in purchasing other rare animals and NFT superheroes

Now with the crops, if you invested in croplands or trees, if you tend those, you can turn your harvest into feeds and also sell it in the marketplace for TRX. Same with the water you collect if you have well or better yet if you have a lake.


Every activity you do in game has corresponding reward in return. But if you just invested in a starter pack and solely rely on farming, I have to be honest it would take time - months before your investment is returned. That's why if you can, you have to also try trading.

2.) Trading

Cropbytes Trading Platform

If you have extra TRX, aside from buying starter packs I recommend buying tradeable assets at a low price. The cropbytes economy is just like the real-world economy, where prices of goods fluctuate depending on the supply and demand - there's no fixed price.

So taking advantage of that fluctuation by buying low and selling high is ANOTHER way of earning in this game.

Cropbytes Pygmy Cream Goat

For example if you cream goat last Sept 16 at 396 TRX and SOLD it few days after when the price went up at 601 TRX then you could have already earned 205 TRX on that single asset alone.

But for those of you who don't have extra TRX to use for trading don't fret because there's another way to get those assets. And that's by following cropbytes social media and actively participating on their giveaways and contests.

3.) Giveaways and Contests

Cropbytes 2x Rewards

Cropbytes is generous in giving away assets and useful farm items to their loyal followers. I myself has received rewards by participating on them.

Every week they have different contests that you could join - from simply sharing some tips on social media to creating a poster or blog or trivia contests. If you have invested in Cropbytes, I highly suggest you follow them on facebook, twitter, instagram and participate on these activities.


Aside from that, they have also created what they call Cropbytes Army Program that rewards active followers with tradeable assets.

Cropbytes Army

4. Invite and Earn

Last but not the least, is simply by inviting your friends to try and play cropbytes. Just have them sign up with your Invite link and help them complete the game activity, and you both stand a chance to win rewards worth up to 500 TRX.

That reward will only be unlocked once your friend completes 9 goat feedings or sheep. And let me be clear that the reward is not in TRX form but assets.

You both have the chance to get either an apple tree worth 400 TRX, small cropland, animals that will be added to your farm. But take note, you don't get to choose which asset to get, it's given randomly.

Cropbytes Sign Up Reward

Actually, at this time cropbytes has an ongoing contest for inviting friends. Get a chance to earn rewards from a POOL of assets worth 8000 trx.

Top 3 participants will get 1x1 Cropland each which at this time is priced at 2850 TRX or 265 dollars worth? And also 3 lucky participants will earn 1 small well each.

Cropbytes Referral Contest

If you've been playing cropbytes for awhile and have invited friends, I know we share the same frustration of getting way too much animals from rewards but I think this time it's worth it because the prizes are definitely helpful for the farm.

So if you haven't signed up yet, make sure you do now because the contest ends on October 11 and winners will be announced on the first of November. Click here if you are interested to join and for more info.

Again, like what I said Cropbytes is a long term investment kind of game. Your return will greatly depend on your farming strategy.


I would recommend it for those who want to get started on blockchain gaming but don't have the time to grind. Cropbytes is a simple game that you could enjoy that has rewards in return.

Well that's about it for this blog. Leave a comment if you are a cropbytes farmer like me.

Create your Cropbytes account here to get up to 500 TRX worth of assets: https://bit.ly/CropbytesGainze
Code: 0B9B45

Cropbytes Contest

All About Cropbytes Army

#Cropbytes #CBArmy

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