Blockchain Games That Can Last Long Term | My Personal Picks | Part 2

Blockchain Games That Can Last Long Term | My Personal Picks | Part 2

By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 21 Sep 2021

Hey! No overly long intro today. Let's get right into my Long Term Blockchain Games List. PART 2! 

If you haven't got the chance to watch that video, you can check it out by clicking the link below
Long-Term Blockchain Games List PART 1

Before I get started here are the mandatory lines... 

Games here are listed in no particular order.. 

These are my personal opinions only.. 

I give no guarantees.. 

Don't base your investments just by watching this video.. 

Trade at your own risk and do your own research blah blah blah blah you know it already Let's get started. 


The Sandbox 



Let's start with a heavy hitter right of the bat. 

The Sandbox is a virtual ecosystem, with its own metaverse, in which players can design worlds and characters, create multiple adventures and narratives, and build digital assets that can be traded with other players. 

There are so many possibilities in this game, and a lot of big dogs believe it. You can check their site to see some of them. 

The Sandbox Game was created to be a system where creators and players are able to craft, play, share, and trade without central control, featuring secure copyright ownership and the possibility of making money. 

You've already seen how successful & massive Minecraft has become right? We'll think of this game like Minecraft on steroids 





It is an RPG Open world game where players will hunt beasts named Illuvials. 

Illuvials are not cute & peaceful beings though, they're gonna be challenging to capture and you'll need to be ready to face their power. 

Facing a powerful illuvial implies using a stronger Shard. You will use Shards to capture and store your Illuvials. 

Another thing of note is that players will not need to purchase anything to start playing it, more info about this in a future video. 
Illuvium in my opinion is an S-ranked blockchain game that has beautiful graphics, stellar developers, exciting gameplay, with interesting play-to-earn elements. 

A lot of people are excited about this game, and it's not hard to see why. 


Guild of Guardians



Guild of Guardians is a mobile-based action RPG. In this game, players will build their dream team of Guardians and compete in a guild to earn rewards. 

Now, this is one mobile blockchain game that I believe in. 

Not only does it have the look of a triple-A quality mobile game that can even rival top traditional games today. 

BUT the team behind it is pretty solid as well, having already made mobile games with millions of downloads worldwide. 

The devs also clearly stated that Guild of Guardians won't be pay to win and is designed to ensure that skill and strategy are the core elements of the game.  

You should already know by now that non-pay to win, & skill-based games are a big plus for me. 

Devs are aiming to release Guild of Guardians on mobile in early 2022. 





Create a Cropbytes Account

CropBytes is a Blockchain game based on the real-world farming economy, where you play and own assets inside the game & use them to provide goods & services to other players. 

This is one of the OG crypto games that was launched way back in 2018.  

And with it still alive and kicking today with regular updates, is a testament to its longevity & balanced game economy. 

Although you can't expect big & fast earnings from here, like a lot of people are expecting from play to earn games nowadays 

Cropbytes can provide stable & passive earnings to its players, as they watch their farm grow in value & assets. 

To know more about Cropbytes you can watch our review and an in-depth guide about it linked below. 
Complete Cropbytes Starter Guide





If you're someone who has been excited for a VR Gaming metaverse where you can explore and connect with different people worldwide, then this game is for you. 

It is an online VR world quite similar to Second Life with the main difference is that it's running on the blockchain. 

Decentraland also allows its users to purchase virtual property and then develop them as an online, virtual business.  

There are a number of different buildings or attractions that can be built on the plots of virtual land, and those can then be monetized or simply sold to others for a profit. 

Decentraland is a very exciting and unique project within the blockchain ecosystem.  

It will no doubt set the tone for any new online virtual reality games that would come about in the future. 





Now this one is a bit different again, much like GALA Games in my PART 1 List, this is not a single game in itself, it's an ecosystem.

I like the IOI Token, the team behind it, their projects & their games. 

IOI currently has 2 games on their roster with 1 already playable for quite a while now, and the 2nd  one to be released possibly in a few months 

The first one is Trade Race Manager 

A gamified trading & racing game that you can play to earn IOI tokens. 

If you follow me on my Facebook page, then you'll know that I was a full-time trader before I switched fully to blockchain gaming, and in this game, you will test your mettle with skilled traders around the world. 

I'm currently top 35 this season.. 


Create Trade Race Manager Account

Meh.. I could do better. 

Well, if I'm not too busy, I'll top that list EZ!  

Hahaha just joking!

They are also working on a new game called CytberTrade, and despite the name, it will focus more on gaming over trading which makes me very excited for it. 

And I have to say their games & platforms always have a premium vibe to them. 


22 Racing Series



Now this one is a real racing game with Esports DNA at its core. 

This game kinda resembles F-Zero, with its neon-colored tracks and frantic racing experience. 

NFT's are built into 22 Racing Series and it is required for you to play the demo.  

You can already try some of the racecourses in this game and compete with the NPC's just to get a feel for the game and its racing mechanics  

Another thing that's cool with 22 racing Series is that you can build your own NFT cars with different NFT parts for further customization and style. 

You can then use it to win races or sell the parts, or even the car as a whole to other players. 

The team behind this is also pushing for a console release in the future, allowing for more players to come in and join. 

I think this game would be one of the biggest racing games on the blockchain and we'll be seeing a lot of tournaments on it soon with racers coming from different parts of the world. 


Star Atlas



This one is another Triple-A blockchain game in the making. Star Atlas is a massively multiplayer online metaverse where players are put into a massive intergalactic world to explore. 

There are multiple game modes to play in the Star Atlas universe.

Like the Grand Strategy mode where you manage & govern an entire faction to outsmart rivaling generals. 

Exploration – Navigate through the deadly regions of the outer space to find new places and things to explore 

Space Flight Simulation – Build, upgrade, trade, or Pilot your own spacecraft with immersive flight simulation. 

But of course, all this is still in development & it may take some time for a game this massive & ambitious to be completed. 

If you are a fan of Star Wars,  Star Trek, or any other star-related media.. 

Then this blockchain game is certainly one to look out for. 



And that's the end of the list!   

Remember that the games in this list, while I say that they are good for the long term, of course, nothing is guaranteed. 

There will always be some risk factors in any projects such as these, but some are just riskier than others.. 

In our next blockchain games list, I'll cover some projects that "I think" has big potential but are also quite riskier to invest in compared to those listed in this video. 

Stay tuned as well, for I'm currently working on a video where I will discuss, how I check and select the games that I invest in, 

and where I'll also show my own checklist to help distinguish scams or crap projects from those that have legitimate potential to last long term. 

Don't miss it. 



Thanks for watching!

For more blockchain game lists, guides & reviews make sure to subscribe to the channel and follow me on my Facebook page.

See you next time! 

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