Feathercoin (FTC): Brief Introduction & Technical Analysis 2020 (TA Master)

Not all smart investors buy gold and silver. No we are definitely well within the confines of the 21 century and many of us millennials have already begun to get a handle on our finances. We know about smart investing, investing wisely, stocks and bonds, CDs, assets, commodities, liquidity and have a pretty good idea about how the stock market works. But with all this common day knowledge, this does little for our financial intuition in terms of actually rolling up our sleeves and putting our money where our mouth is. That's because it takes experience which is something many of us do not have. That's why for one year 2018 - 2019, I rolled up my sleeve and sort of put my money where my mouth was and now have some experience to share with you. 

In less than two months 2019 is going to be another year in the history books and we are going to be ringing in the year 2020. In my experience, it's around the holidays that "Holiday Magic" happens upon the cryptomarket. In December 2017, Bitcoin along with many other cryptocurrency coins and tokens reached historic new heights. And while this is a good sign because it a trend is beginning to develop, with the exception of 2018, it means that for once investors are able to strategically able to adapt to making better predictions which leads to better decisions which helps adoption. So without further ado let me introduce you to my 2019 TA Master choice Feathercoin.


The Break Down


January 2019 - Season 1

Feathercoin begin the 2019 year trading around $0.019279

July 2019 - Season 2

By the summer Feathercoin was trading around $0.023180

January 2020 - Season 1

By the new year Feathercoin will be trading between $0.01 and $0.10 (Higher depending on Bitcoin and Litecoin Prices; Like most crypto assets)

YTD High (April 07, 2019)

Feathercoin reached its year high on April 07, 2019 when it was trading around $0.032019 (In regards to Bitcoin trading around $5200; Litecoin was trading around $93.45)

YTD Low (October 23, 2019)

Feathercoin reached its year low on October 23, 2019 when it was trading around $0.008621 (In regards to Bitcoin trading around $7769; Litecoin was trading around $49.21)

All-Time High (November 29, 2013)

Feathercoin reached its all-time high on November 29,2013 when it was trading around $1.45 (In regards to Litecoin trading around $38.74)

All-Time Low (April 14, 2015)

Feathercoin reached its all-time low on April 14, 2015 when it was trading around $0.002069 (In regards to Litecoin trading around $1.48)


Smart Investor Approved


For the past two years Feathercoin has established its own market trend circulating between its $0.01 - $0.03. Doing as well as $0.67 when Bitcoin was trading above $15,000 and Litecoin was trading above $291 but never settling below $0.005 before it returns to trading between its current trend in the bearish market. A smart investment because the high to low scale is always in favor of the investor which means the gains are significantly better than the losses. The math figures a $0.005 loss to a $0.60 cent gain, with an all-time low of $0.002 which hasn't been seen in nearly five years. Feathercoin boasted $0.008 loss (Low) to $0.035 gain (high) performance throughout the year. So smart investor friendly and definitely smart investor approved for sure. Not crazy high to low numbers here just a well balanced and steady asset. Feathercoin also has its own ATM just like Bitcoin.

  • Low Risk Investment-Friendly (Check)
  • Long-Term Investment-Friendly (Check)
  • Affordable & Reasonably Priced (Check)
  • Identity Thief Protection Built In (Check) 



Courtesy: Feathercoin Website (https://www.feathercoin.com/about)


Additional Services & Features


User Friendly & Secure

Feathercoin wallets are simple and secure as they are always up to date with Bitcoin Core releases. The mobile wallets allow users to spend and receive FTC on the go and if something still isn’t clear, there is a helpful community forum.

Low Payment Fees

Payments are fast and global with near zero payment fees, so merchants do not have to pass network costs on to their customers. This leaves more money for customers to spend on the things they love.

Fast Settlement

Transactions with Feathercoin are instant, and thanks to Feathercoin’s one minute block times, the settlement of transactions is also just one minute. This in combination with Automated Checkpointing allows maximum security to be reached in just 5 minutes (5 blocks).

In-Store Payments

With its low fees and fast settlement, Feathercoin is perfect for in-store payments.

Automatic Checkpointing

Automatic Checkpointing (ACP) is used to prevent 51% attacks. ACP creates a new checkpoint every 5 blocks, protecting the history of the Feathercoin blockchain.

Hobbyminer friendly

NeoScrypt, the proof of work mining algorithm of Feathercoin, can only be mined with graphics cards. This makes Feathercoin mining possible for enthusiasts all over the world, enabling Feathercoin to be more decentralized and censorship resistant.


Chewing the Fat


I am convinced that Feathercoin is one of the wisest investments next to Bitcoin and Litecoin. The project has a dedicated team that works tirelessly to help adoption. Feathercoin is already an accepted form of payment in many establishments in the United Kingdom, has its own ATM machine like Bitcoin and the business model continues to gain ground. Feathercoin is also ASIC resistant and CPU friendly for mining with CPU graphic cards. Transactions are confirmed within 60 seconds and fees are less than a cent. Additionally, the 24/7 automatic check pointing system makes it 51% less vulnerable to malicious attackers. With that said, every now and then you come across a good investment and when you do you instantly know it and Feathercoin is one. Going back over the numbers, we know that its price is easy to build a working strategy around because its tied to the performances of Bitcoin and Litecoin which means it has a trusted and reliable market trend. Therefore, you can trust Feathercoin as much as you trust Bitcoin and Litecoin; and Feathercoin shares the same block explorers as Bitcoin and Litecoin making it that much more trustworthy and reliable. Overall, Feathercoin is a good long-term investment and it is a great project to get involved with and support.

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