The revolution will not be centralised!

The revolution will not be centralised!

By Adam Funnell | The Bash Blog | 23 Feb 2020


A while ago I wrote about Minima and their growing reputation as a game changing protocol. 

Minima - The Mobile Blockchain - will enable users to not only validate transactions but also construct the blockchain directly via a mobile app!

In this post, I will discuss some of the truly revolutionary features that will be available as the team push forward with their vision for true decentralisation.

An App for Everyone!

Firstly, the Minima blockchain offer a mobile app that will enable simple tokenisation and the ability to send & receive coins. They will also have a web integration where users will be able to connect their mobile in exactly the same way you do with WhatsApp!


Web interaction is something that Bitcoin has ignored, but something that Ethereum does really well. The team are in the process of creating its own version of a web application, similar to MetaMask. 

Tokensisation for The People!

Meanwhile tokenisation will be incredibly easy. You will create a token with your desired name, description & URL directly inside the Minima app with a easy to use UI.

Minima will allow you to create custom tokens regulated by smart contracts. This matters will enable individuals to unlock new opportunities by developing unique experiences.


Proof of Collaboration

Unlike Bitcoin mining, Minima removes the need for miners. Instead, utilising the collaboration of users to both validate and construct the blockchain via a their mobile app. This enables a truly decentralised network to be formed.

Lightning Network

Minima will be integrating lightning as part of their layer 2 tech stack. This will mean that users will be able to send seamless off-chain transactions in their ecosystem.

It's Easy Being Green

Perhaps one of the most enticing factors to encourage new users to the revolutionary protocol, are the green credentials. With each node, running using around as much power as Whattsapp, Minima is certainly better for the environment!

51% Attack 

The limited number of complete nodes on both BTC and ETH networks significantly increases the risk of a 51% attack. With Minima as a network where every single member runs a complete node, both validating and constructing, on their mobile, the risk of an attack is greatly reduced.

Join the Community!

With its growing community, you have a real chance to say you were there from the start! 

Join the TRUE decentralised revolution HERE!

Adam Funnell
Adam Funnell

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