Have Fun with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a serious thing. Not only are the underlying blockchains a new form of database technology, but the cryptocurrencies that go with them are a new way to transfer and hold value, and both individuals and companies are recognizing the various benefits this technology has. Many people take cryptocurrency very seriously, which is understandable as for many it’s a form of investment.

However, it’s important that while looking through all the technology and coin markets and values, you remember to have fun with it. Cryptocurrency should be fun. Working with it is something you should enjoy.

There are many ways to have fun with it. The popular Dogecoin was created as something of a joke even though it’s managed to gain popularity and value despite that. But even though it has value, it’s still fun to use. Creating silly and fun coins is one way to have fun with cryptocurrency, and with tokens that work through established blockchains like Ethereum and the Steem Engine project that creates tokens that work on the Steem blockchain, creating such coins is easier now than ever.

For instance, here’s a little video where I propose my own silly coin. Well, sort of propose it. I was really just having a bit of fun.

Another way you can have fun with cryptocurrency is through being creative, such as with art and music. The Creary blockchain is a good example of this, as it’s a website and blockchain dedicated to art and creative portfolios where people can share their creative work and earn some crypto from it. I wrote an article about it here on Publish0x:

Creary Art Blockchain Platform

There are also the various blockchain-based games that are currently in development. While this is a new idea, it’s an idea that’s receiving more polish.

So while cryptocurrency and its related technologies are serious, you still can, and should, have fun with them.

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The Art of Cosmic Citadel
The Art of Cosmic Citadel

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