Shake pay card

What dip? Cryptos healthy as ever.

Shake pay

Um I thought there was a crypto crash🤔

Biden bucks ran out, and capital gains went up in USA for anyone making over a million.

That probably makes crypto assets look like a big juicy chest of gold to H0DL1!


KEYWORD, "unrealised gain"

An unrealised gain is one that you have gained but theoretically still could lose as you have not ca$#ed in(In USA anyway) therefore no tax is owed until you sell the stock or crypto.

The tender sathoshis are looking delectible to daddy warbucks and his crony army of white collar underlings, and this could be good for us who are already invested🤑


So collect those altcoins and safe bet coins like its 1996 and you just got your 1st edition blastoise out of a booster pack of pokemon cards🥸

As long as government does dumb $#/% crypto will do very well. If my logic is correct that means theoretically crypto is here to stay🤪

When does the government do anything really benificial for society *snort*1


I'm just gonna sit in my corner at stack ANKR on coinbase because I can afford it🥴

And enjoy the beautiful new finance industries propping up in the wake of this years fantastic mainstream showcase of crypto.

I'm awaiting my shake pay debit card like the kid from "A Christmas Story", I want that little visa like he wants that pellet gun.

So baaaaaad.

There is nothing but a bright future ahead for crypto currency in my opinion, the strength after the dips illustrates this, college boys are just taking their beer money on mondays and hodling on sundays 


Man tell your friends, the new economy is here!

Imagine the possibilities of NFT technology, patents, card games and celebrity endorsements.


Unique tangible blockchain items that can gain value just buy holding it.

Several nft games are blowing up on google play, and the internet.

Check out crypto cards, splinter lands, and crypto sword and magic.

You won't be dissapointed and thats just the games I have tried.

Till next time


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I'm a dad who works full time and has a huge interest in austrian economics and crypto

The anti statist crypto monger
The anti statist crypto monger

Decentralisation equals liberty.

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