Chaincade The blockchain arcade

Chaincade The blockchain arcade

The blockchain arcade

Chaincade$Chaincade a new usecase to play earn and hodl

The team behind chaincade a hot new binance chain token on pancake swap has released a token with great tokenomics, an initial 1 quadrillion supply complements 4% reflections of liquidity returned to holders.

I stumbled upon this crypto on twitter searching for a binance chain token with a real use case, gaming is a billion dollar industry, add blockchain and you have ingame currency that actually is a tradable currency.

The community extends world wide and is still under 10,000 holders.

Today it went parabolic

with a 2.5 million dollar market cap, this token is locked stocked and ready to rock.

You can purchase now on pancake swap, and the Dev is not a fan of CEX(centralised exchanges)

You can find them @






Purchase today on pancake swap


Chain cade to usd


They have an interesting developer program for games on their platform, see website for details.


This is not financial advice, but I bought some🤑🤑🤑  to the moon!🌚




Use case

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