[80] The Story Of Wazir Zafar Al Barmaki… (Episode - 02)

These sticks are happening in my kingdom, Jafar Why are you here in my court What are you doing, all worthless? Man killing people like this is killing them nicely. And you mean, the country of justice is no more. All the junky. I am giving you three days to hear Jafar. If you can not catch the murderer in it, then you will die. You see that the lion door of the Darbar - you will be nailed to the door and you will die. And not only you nor all the men of your family will be killed.

I will destroy your offspring. Give me three days. Find the murderer in him. I can not bear the silence of such a great crime in my own eyes. One of these must be told to me. Otherwise, what will I be accountable on the day of judgment of Allah?

Zafar returned home after feeling sad. Such a big city. Find out who the murderer is and who killed him. Who killed the killer will come and tell me, I killed. And whoever kills, does he keep any witnesses? And if he had seen it in the eye, he himself would have given it to the court. Now there is no way to turn around the streets? It is not right to arrest him whom he suspects without any reason. Because the only punishment for this trial is death penalty.

It is not doubtful to take a person to be arrested. If there is empty hands then there is no salvation. The word that once came out of the mouth of the caliph, there is no junk. Jafar fell into both crises. On the one hand, he and his family are facing problems - on the other hand, the fear of the life of a silly person will end. Jafar decided to think much about it, let's go, but he can not lie. He can not do anything to whom he can bring him to sin.
Three days passed. Zafar plagued thinking.

The body was dragged into the court in the court.

The caliph asked, did you find the murderer?

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The ancient & mythological story
The ancient & mythological story

At one time, there was an eminent provincial ruler of the Shasan dynasty, was rule the Great Empire of the East. He had a large army, uncountable slave and beloved people. His two sons.

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