[107] The story of Nur al Din and his brother Shams al Din… (Episode - 18)

[107] The story of Nur al Din and his brother Shams al Din… (Episode - 18)

Then the moon is on top of the head. Hassan's whole body lunaro puti moon light. He is lying in deep sleeping. There is no panic in the daytime. A great calm has spread throughout the face.

This deep night comes to the graveyard of ghosts, genes, pirates One very beautiful gyahah was flying with the sky. He came down to see Hasan's beautiful appearance in the light of the moon. He never saw such a young man. Who is he Where did you come from? What made him God? She loves the first look she loves. According to the genius, what is the color of the color when it is black, the face of the face is bad? The boy is sleeping deeply. Now let's not wake her, but let's come up with a circling in the sky's skyline.

Jinnah, too, jumped up a lot. Fair Cloud Fair There he met with a known known gene. Both of them welcomed both hands. Genie asks, where are you coming from?

Ginny says, Cairo. I'm coming straight from Cairo.

What's the news here How are our cast people all?

Good. Everybody is pretty good sister. What about you

Good to run Let's show you one thing. A boy in a grapefruit, like a moon, is sleeping down. You see if you see them I have never seen such a move, brother.

Jini said, come on let's see.

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The ancient & mythological story
The ancient & mythological story

At one time, there was an eminent provincial ruler of the Shasan dynasty, was rule the Great Empire of the East. He had a large army, uncountable slave and beloved people. His two sons.

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