I love this pattern...


I thought I knew you.
Knew your...rep was more like it.
I liked it.
That shell facade.
That shiny mirage that made my hands tingle and my heart sweat. Better yet, I lived for it.
And in my own amazement, said I could get a grip on it.
I got closer and started to watch the walls peel anew.
A distant dew for an unknown session to life learned lessons was to come.
Falling into you like a knife falls into.. well anything.
Holding my words against your ear as if it would make things clear....
er than they were.
Believed in a chance at us.
Believed no more in shadows and dust
Just a tap of your heart and a love that was enough
Keeping the door open for your enemy is not continued by truth and trust.
It's continued with painful memories of this becoming too much.
None are exempt from this bite. Some take the leap
It might kill them tonight
But not I.
Onward I say through and thru.
Be gone, adeau!
I let you learn me, but now I know you!


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Poet with God for a pen. ~G.P.~

The accounts of a young black intellect
The accounts of a young black intellect

I am simply a humble poet with refreshing tales of the vision. See with me...

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