A pink Himalayan salt lamp... I know, right?

Home Behind

I've always been one to stoop to a degraded level
Just to understand the frame of mind one has been leveled to in this falsified world of war games and deceived minds
Since ancient times my people were here teaching us about dominions and precedence and the value of time
We have lost that
Under false pretence and non repentance of the lies we've been told
Young mouths are bold now
But thick tongue in cheek speech is for the yolo know none
Such a no no
Where do we go when the children to grow are fed poison daily literally and figuratively
Sending us back to infancy without evidence of mental cemetry
Can and will we get free? Only if we choose to
What behooves you is a dead battery in your phone
Not the conscious mind being left alone or to the devices of the man of the one who's plans we choose to condone
I'm not the one
So i have no problem staying in the trenches therein
I have no problem lying down on gravel where the children have found an ounce of freedom playing hopscotch
Where minds lost to drugs and street roam
Where the 1 percent isnt allowed...EVER!
For this is my people
And i never leave home behind

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Poet with God for a pen. ~G.P.~

The accounts of a young black intellect
The accounts of a young black intellect

I am simply a humble poet with refreshing tales of the vision. See with me...

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