Skyline while blighted

Angela Like Motivation

See, Angela Davis hasn't seen me but I saw her...
I have a MOVE...MENT to progress!
A pass; active and forcefully to shoot down any man who stands in my way!
Tries to put my words in a cage
See, i was not made fo' silence. In my blacken ed perception i was played into violence, rape, and crime. And that was pain..but I didnt know that. I didnt know that where I thought roses grew is the same place where a man has been gunned down for the color of his face. Where I found ice-cream is where the streets were filled with decay. I digress!
I made a pass. I thought I had a chance and did a false dance knowing the very thing that set me back was my own life. Or what i was told it was. I was staring back at me. Confused at the lessons bestowed upon me. But i did NOT agree.
And so, here I am. Not giving a damn. Taking everything I am to fight a war in. any. which. way i can. And the thorns are thick and the hearts are hollow but this is ALL I have for to morrow. And my sorrow stands for many men.

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Poet with God for a pen. ~G.P.~

The accounts of a young black intellect
The accounts of a young black intellect

I am simply a humble poet with refreshing tales of the vision. See with me...

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