I like the creation of what was already there.. but since we're on the topic..

Alphabet of Americon


Arrogance and abrasive avoidable apartheid
Breaks backs of brownskins benign
This is the world I live in
Carressing childen and cimematic corruption
Dumping dozens destroying and disillusioned dames to dumb dimes
This is...
Error err 8 egos everlasting erroneously
Forgetting furious freedom fighters foretold
Going for glory and gold go... gone
Hypothesis hypocrisy hell here how
I intentions and innercity industrialization incur
Just the jest now justifable jibber jabber
Knockout Kindness is now killing knife
Lost Lonely love and leveled loins in lust
This is the world I live in
Masks masquerading making murder mirages
Never no.... nay... not.. it's nah now
Oppressed... in opposition not even an Olympian option
Pressed! Prim and pressed!Professional provisions and prophecies picked
Quick quit yet no quiet
Reasons in retention ridiculous readmittance to
Sexual subversion but submissions sure somethin'
Taking taxes and telltale traces of television with these tyrants
Understanding? Undo no undone
Violations I'm very vexed
Winners not won Woman wage war or whine while wearing weave
X xerox
Yeah.. yeah Y'all Yearning yet Youthful on YouTube
All for the zany's zen!




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Poet with God for a pen. ~G.P.~

The accounts of a young black intellect
The accounts of a young black intellect

I am simply a humble poet with refreshing tales of the vision. See with me...

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