Richard Brooks - The Great Tax Robbery

Why taxes are a legal form of robbery, why fiat currency is a pure fiction and why at some point in time we forcefully must trust psychopathic leaders

Thumb nail by: Richard Brooks and his book The Great Tax Robbery (a must read book!)

In this article are written my own ideas and have not been influenced by the above book.


Do you pay taxes? Then it means that you also agree to be robbed, with consent.

Does taxes of any kind should be legal? They, most certainly are another form of robbery. Not convinced yet? Let's analyse how taxes are created.

When a government of any kind, want to make some spending, in literally anything (political, financial, technological etc), it does not have funds.

- Therefore governmental officials asks the people to fund it.

- If some people wants to do this funding then they receive a bond, or obligation from the government side that this bond will be paid in ten years with interest. The time of payment can vary though. 

- If the funds are not enough then the government goes to the Federal Reserve or Central Bank in other countries then US, and ask for money.

- The Fed or CB, gives a loan to be paid back with interest and it receives the same types of bonds. 

- Bonds can be traded between institutions and individuals. The bonds are actually debts, but the governments use the fancy word bond, because well they are bounded to pay back the loan.

- Now how the government is paying back it's creditors? Through taxes.

- Every government is forcing it's population to pay taxes on something that they did not agree with from the beginning. Does this ring a bell? Yeah it's robbery in plain sight, straight in your face!

Ok you might argue, Hey look the government needs these money because we won't have stability, we won't have roads, we won't have law makers and enforcers, we won't have hospitals and basically anything that should be managed by a government. You might be surprised, but the way of governmental spending is wrongly conceptualised and hidden to the ordinary people.

So, think of it like this: let's say that a Governmental official wants to buy a car. You don't agree with him that he should get the newest and the greatest car on the market, but he doesn't give a s**t about your opinion and he goes to the FED and the FED gives him the requested fiat currency. The Federal Reserve literally has nothing because it is not a "reserve", therefore it creates an account that writes a sum the politician wants and create another account in politicians name or Government's name plus interest. This means that the currency is created out of nothing in a form of debt. Every time more currency appear on the market inflation appears as well. What is inflation? It is a "flood of currency" that has an impact in reducing the purchasing power. This reduction in purchasing power is not felt right away because people trust the fiat system.

Ok so, When that debt is paid (and it is never paid), the loan in FED's account disappear except the interest, and consequently the debt in Government's account disappear as well. What happens if the debt is not paid? Then more loans are taken in a form of more debt, this cycle can continues until the DEBT BUBBLE burst and hyperinflation appear. When the hyper inflation is on, the population lost all trust in the fiat system and the respective currency. This Hyperinflation can continue until the Government defaults.


If the debt would be always paid by anybody and/or any government then no currency would exist. That's why the fiat system is a pure fiction, an ingenious financial invention that you have never been thought and it will never be in any school, mostly because the scammers (government and institutions) will not have afterwards their "huge piles" of virtual currency to fund anything.

There is a form of avoiding taxes, legally, avoiding and not evading because apparently evasion is illegal :D :D. 

You can check this topic here.

Now after Hyperinflation usually a revolution appears or a war. In any kind of pre-war periods, the Psychopaths appears like the "mushrooms after rain". Many will lure us with their great ideas and visions, which most of times involves more regulations and persecutions.

No matter what the future will be, a WW3 will most like be certain. I only hope that this time we will not completely destroy the planet and make it inhabitable for many thousands of years, you know, radiations and such...

Take care guys!

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The Absolute Truth To Reach Financial Independence

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