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Tezos Nft Platform

By SHUS | Tezos Lives | 15 Nov 2021

If don't follow the Tezos blockchain, about 24 hours ago, one of the main NFT platform, out of nowhere decides to shut down and in that moment it might of looked all bad but that soon ended when other developer, quickly went on to build about 3-4 other sites, where those who own Tezos NFTs could display and  continue to mint NFTs using the same blockchain and see that is the beautiful thing of an open blockchain where, if somethings happens to a centralized provider, others don't lose their assets because it was saved on the blockchain and in side private wallets, so nobody lost anything and within hours, could go back to doing what we do, which is create, build and buy beautiful assets and not have to pay crazy gas fees. 

So, the lesson  and message here is understanding, how powerful decentralizes blockchain, wallets and projects actually are and work, when things are stored on the blockchain, they are really forever because with the open source codes, we can recreate things to and keep it moving.

If you are looking for the new site I will drop the link below. I should also mention, that the site that went down which is called Here and now or H=N was not the only site used t buy NFTs but it was one of the biggest overall and the biggest on the Tezos blockchain.

I will also be leaving links to the SHUS Brand NFT project we are putting together, as time goes on we will increase the quality of one of our current projects and we also already have some NFTs to physical projects out, that are only available to those who hold the NFTs.  



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Tezos Lives
Tezos Lives

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