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Starlink 2.0 and Starship

By Cje95 | Texas Living | 30 Jan 2021

SpaceX has recently announced that after launching 1,000 Starlink satellites into orbit they are going to begin building and testing Starlink satellites version 1.5 and 2.0! They announced that they are hiring someone to lead the design and integration of these satellites into the existing constellation. Currently, SpaceX is only on v 0.9 and 1.0 so reaching the v1.5 is a ways out. 


I would assume that these will continue to build upon previous ones that were being built to better reflect the sunlight away from the earth. This was done to help out astronomers as the number of satellites SpaceX wants to have in orbit, over 10,000, will be roughly 5 times the total amount of satellites in orbit right now, 2,000! It would be interesting to see if these are going to be tied into Starship and possibly either smaller, allowing for more to be launched, or larger, due to Starships increased load capabilities. With Starship development going on right now they could develop a special launch/delivery system for these future generations. With Starship just now reaching its spaceship testing phase alterations could still be done for optimal Starlink deliveries! 


Starship made some headlines today as Elon tweeted out a picture of both SN 9 and 10 out being worked on in Boca Chico today! I would assume that SN 9 is rapidly getting close to its launch as they have continued to do the test firings and have not blown it up yet which seems to be what they do when they are done with them! Yesterday's launch was close to happening before the FAA and SpaceX decided against it and detanked to ship (emptied the fuel). From what I have picked up over twitter it was most likely done due to winds above 20 mph and the need for really accurate data. Hopefully, soon we will see Starship succeed in completing the flip maneuver and landing! 



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