SpaceX Huge Starship Investment!

By Cje95 | Texas Living | 19 Jan 2021

Not a day goes by right now that someone in the space world is not making news. The latest example is what Blue Origin announced regarding possible crewed flights in early April. Today it came to light that SpaceX had purchased two oil rigs for the Starship program. 


Now why would SpaceX buy deep sea oil rigs you might wonder? Well I first read about an ambitious plan by SpaceX to launch and recover Starship from platforms just off the coast of Boca Chico, Texas where the rocket is currently under development. Elon has stated before that in the future the majority of Starships launches will come from ocean based platforms. A huge issue with this though is the size of the rocket system that is going to propel Starship. 

Starship Compared to Other Space Craft

As you can see above Starship is going to be the largest ship out there even taller than a Saturn rocket which still holds the record for largest space craft. Launching something like this from the sea is an incredibly difficult thing as this rocket is a superheavy-class rocket. I asked a family friend of ours who deals with structural engineering if it would be possible to do this and he said for it to be floating would be crazy expensive due to the weight.


The solution to this issue appears to have been solved with the use of the deep sea oil rigs! These mammoth structures have to be able to handle extreme weight, pressure and weather just like the launch platform will have to. Especially given it will most likely be further modified and reinforced etc. I do wonder though if they have two for the reasons of one for landing and one for launching. It might be that the launching one needs X done to it and the landing one needs Y and it is easier to separate into two different platforms than one all encompassing unit. With SpaceX also not making any money off of this and burning a ton of cash it might be that this will be the platform for now before they create and launch a 2.0 style platform.


Only time will tell of course how SpaceX launches the Starship. For all we know the rate of failure could be to high for ocean launches so it will have to be done by land. If Starship does transition into a quick mode of transportation around the world like Elon has talked about then the water landings would be huge in successfully creating a network.


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